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Google Ads and inbound marketing: how do they complement each other?


Google Ads and inbound marketing: how do they complement each other?

When we speak with someone approaching inbound for the first time, it is common to perceive their concern about the time it takes to get results after implementing a strategy, since the focus should be on the long term.However, this temporary limitation that the implementation of inbound in a company can entail can be overcome by activating online advertising campaigns compatible with the development of the inbound strategy.Today I would like to talk to you about how uae telephone Ads and inbound marketing complement each other , a topic that is covered in more depth in the ebook that we have prepared in collaboration with Adsmurai and that you can download here . Shall we start?list_altIndex of contentsGoogle Ads and inbound marketing are supported
Benefits of combining Google Ads and inbound marketing
Advantages and disadvantages of Google Ads
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Google Ads and inbound marketing are supported
Although we normally perceive online advertising as something invasive and incompatible with inbound, since it shows us what we do not need or do not want to see at a time when we do not consider making this purchase, the truth is that a well-planned online advertising strategy it can be perfectly complemented with inbound marketing .



How do we get it?Put the user at the center of your strategy and add valueIt is not about launching online advertising campaigns focused on your product or service, but rather offering educational and informative content of value for the user.Following the criteria that we would apply in our Betting Email List strategy, we will prioritize quality content that solves the concerns or needs of our buyer persona , also considering the moment of the purchase process in which they are. We will work on this from the keywords and analyzing what its approach is based on the user’s search intention.Thus, the content that we prepare to drive organic traffic and capture records would help us to activate our online advertising campaigns, focusing these campaigns on giving visibility to our articles, getting downloads of our downloadable templates, etc. Contents totally focused on the needs of our buyer persona.New Call-to-action
Segment your audience wellIt is not about offering our content to any user, the segmentation of the public in our Google Ads campaigns is key. We want to reach those who meet all or part of the criteria that we consider our buyer person to, in this way, do “inbound advertising”.We call this type of campaign ” inbound online advertising ” because we launch campaigns whose objective is to get valuable educational information to our potential clients as we would with an inbound strategy, but achieving results faster than we would get them. organically positioning these contents.Benefits of combining Google Ads and inbound marketing
The benefits of combining Google Ads and inbound marketing are quick and bi-directional. This combination allows to overcome the limitations of both approaches:We avoid having to wait until the medium term, the time it takes for the results of inbound marketing to arrive.
We managed to improve the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns thanks to valuable content and segmentation.
I recommend you take a look at this ebook to delve into these advantages:Advantages and disadvantages of Google Ads
Google Ads allows the business to provide some details about where and how they want their ads to appear, and the maximum amount that they are willing to spend can be set. Once all the information has been entered, the platform will grant the relevant placements to the highest bidder.If what we are looking for is to increase awareness and traffic of the brand, this tool can be useful. However, before deciding it is important to know its advantages and disadvantages.Advantages of Google Ads
Google Ads results can be instant and very useful if you want to drive traffic to your website quickly . Unlike SEO, which is more long-term.Read on to learn about some of the most outstanding advantages of this platform!1. Allows you to create campaigns quickly
Before launching a campaign in Google Ads, it is advisable to do a little keyword research, define the budget, set our objective, establish the ad groups and create a short but direct and effective copy.Once this is done, our ad will appear as soon as it is approved and the audience has used some of the keywords from our campaign.2. Provides a very good brand exposure in search results
With Google Ads, your campaign will appear among the first results on the first page of Google, which will give you enormous visibility and will allow you to easily reach those users who are actively looking for what you are offering in your campaigns.

3. Google Ads ads get bigger
Since 2016, the size of the ads shown on Google have been increasing and taking up more space in search results, allowing you to gain more exposure for the same investment.In addition, there are more and more options to make these ads more attractive, allowing them to stand out especially among the rest of the organic results.4. Provides a large amount of data
By activating the pixel you will be able to collect a large amount of data very quickly, and check what happens with these users who are taken to your website.5. Makes it easy to control all active ads
The notification system allows you to receive notifications with consequent actions, such as, for example, stopping campaigns if a daily minimum is not spent or if the marked budget is exceeded. This makes it easy for you to keep control of your ads, being able to activate or deactivate them as many times as is convenient.

6. Allows both large and small investments
It is not an exclusive platform for large budgets, as it allows smaller companies to create campaigns with lower budgets. It is possible to establish maximum amounts of spending, both daily and per campaign, in order to have greater control of what we invest in online advertising in Google Ads.Disadvantages of Google Ads
Although this platform has many attractive advantages, the truth is that it also has some limitations that we must take into account. Keep them in mind!1. Each click to your website costs money
That is, you will pay for each time someone clicks on one of your ads, regardless of whether that click has converted or not. It is important to find the balance between traffic and conversion so that these ads really meet our objective.2. Ads stop when there is no budgetIf the budget for any of your ads runs out, then they will stop appearing in Google results, something that does not happen with SEO. The lifespan of ads in Google Ads is shorter and requires more attention.3. Restrictions on ads
Depending on the type of ad you want to launch, you will find restrictions related to the number of characters allowed. There are different formats and placements (Search, display …), and even in Search there are several formats with different text limitations.

4. Higher cost per click in the most competitive industries
In those more competitive sectors, there is a greater investment in this type of campaign and, therefore, the bids are higher. Also, if your chosen keywords are not really what your audience is looking for, your ads might not show on the first page of search results, but on the second or even third.As you can see, integrating Google Ads with our inbound marketing strategy can bring many advantages and disadvantages. It is a good way to reach our buyer persona, improve the online presence of our brand and generate conversions . However, by investing in campaigns of this type we should not set aside the rest of the actions that are part of our inbound strategy. Combining them is how we will achieve the best results.And you, have you tried to complement Google Ads and inbound marketing? Let me know in the comment section!


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