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Generate quality content for your industrial marketing strategy


Generate quality content for your industrial marketing strategy

Do you want to boost your marketing strategy for your B2B business and don’t know where to start? Wondering how to generate relevant content for your audience? In this article I explain the steps we follow in InboundCycle to generate high-quality specialized content for blogs and industrial mobile phone directory australia free or B2B marketing strategies .Types of blog content
The generation of content is the cornerstone of any inbound marketing strategy : the content is responsible for attracting organic traffic to the blog and the website.The conversion of these users to records or leads of the company depends largely on the quality of this content. To get these registrations to become customers, the content also comes into play, for example, through the emails that are sent through lead nurturing chains .This reality makes classifications necessary. To know how to proceed in each case, it is important to know our content and, for this, there are several ways to catalog it. At InboundCycle, we classify them into three categories:


Scope: science, technology or humanities, for example
Topic: nutrition, software, law or geography, among others
Format: article, ebook, infographic or email, mainly
The approach to inbound content should always be informative. Therefore, when generating quality content, the essential thing is to correctly define the buyer person . It is necessary to be clear to whom this article or ebook will be directed to determine what the profile of the professionals who make up the project writing team should be.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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The blog writing team
In the inbound field, we talk a lot about content generation rather than content writing, because in this process the definition of the strategy and a great deal of management work also come into play. However, if we focus specifically on the writing process, these are the main profiles:ExpertTechnical writer
EditorEditor and proofreader
Alignment and communication between the writing team, the management team and the brand is essential to address the content in the most Betting Email List way and ensure that the project achieves the best results.Definition of content in 5 questions
When we start a new project, the aspects that we want to define together with the brand to establish the bases of content generation can be summarized in the following questions:

1. Definition of the company and the product or service: “who am I and what do I offer?”
2. Definition of the buyer persona : “who is the target reader of my blog?”
3. Definition of the themes: “What topics are my buyer persona interested in?”
4 . Definition of the content approach: “what is the level of knowledge of my buyer persona about the topics covered in the blog?”
These four questions are the starting point and it is essential to answer them correctly in order to answer the fifth:5. Definition of the writing team: “What profile should the professionals in charge of generating this content have?”.From these points, we create a style guide for the project that includes many other important aspects, such as reference sources or instructions on the tone of the brand. This guide is subject to constant evolution depending on the needs of the project at each stage and is one of the communication bridges between the brand and the writing team .New Call-to-action
General content or specialized content?
We understand as general content that whose generation we consider of moderate complexity for reasons such as the following:The reader is interested in the topics of the blog, but is new to the subject.
The supply of writers and experts specialized in the field is wide.
There is a large volume of information in this regard and the sources are accessible.
We classify as specialized content that whose generation we consider to be of high complexity for these reasons:

The reader has a great knowledge of the subject and seeks to expand it.The supply of writers and experts specialized in the field is scarce.
There is not a large volume of information in this regard or the sources of information are not easily accessible.
After knowing these points, we can know what profiles we will need for the generation of the content and in what phases the writing process will be divided.Phases of the writing process in industrial marketing projects
Generally, this is the writing process that we follow in the generation of articles and ebooks both in industrial inbound marketing strategies and in other projects with highly specialized content:Phase 1. Proposal of the content outline
Before proceeding with the writing of content, you have to verify that the approach is correct . The diagram made by an expert or a technical writer is a very useful tool in this regard, since it allows you to easily review which points will be covered and on which sources the information will be based, and thus confirm that the approach will be appropriate.Another very common option is for the same brand to propose the scheme. This is due to the fact that, in some areas, especially in the technology sector or in topics related to medicine, few professionals will have more knowledge about the topics that will be covered in the blog than the experts from the same company.Phase 2. Review and validation of the scheme
We always review schematics internally before proceeding with the drafting phase. During the early stages of the project, it is also essential that the brand is involved in the validation of these proposals .

Obviously, the more specialized a topic is, the greater the difficulty in generating quality content. Therefore, comments and corrections are essential to guide not only that particular content, but also future content, since it is very valuable information that allows you to expand the style guide of the project.If it is the brand experts who propose the schemes, we go directly to the internal review. In this review, we make sure that we have all the information necessary for a technical writer to develop the content.Phase 3. Content writing
Once the scheme has been validated, we can now proceed with the writing of the content, which will consist of developing the ideas outlined in the scheme according to the agreed approach.Phase 4. Content review and validation
The last step before publishing content is to review it again. First, internally, and second, by the brand. If the content is validated, it is ready to be published; If, on the contrary, changes have to be made, the author applies them according to the comments received and we repeat the review process.As in the case of the review and validation of the scheme, it is essential that the brand is involved in the assessment of the content during the early stages of the project. It is the best way to train the team and lay the foundations of the project.[Free guide] The role of content in the inbound marketing funnel

Writing team setup process
Phase 1. Search for collaborators
When we start a new project or the need arises to incorporate new collaborators to a more advanced project, we analyze what are the requirements that they must meet and the topics that they must address to refine the search, and thus we select the most suitable candidates .We have a wide portfolio of collaborators and we continually incorporate new profiles to expand the selection. We not only have editors, editors, journalists and translators, but also lawyers, art historians, engineers, interior designers, mechanics, doctors, nutritionists and a long etcetera.Among our collaborators, there are those who have contacted us at some point to offer us their services and those who we have proactively searched on specific platforms . In any case, all the professionals that are part of our portfolio have gone through an internal validation process to certify the quality of their work.When we need the support of professionals in very specific fields and, generally, far from the field of writing, such as a mechanic or an electrical engineer, the best way to find them is through searches on platforms such as LinkedIn or search engines such as Google . If it is a professional profile with little online presence, we contact companies or institutions linked to these activities .

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