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Gemma Muñoz talks about data analytics at # INLeaders19


Gemma Muñoz talks about data analytics at # INLeaders19

Continuing with the summaries about the Inbound Leaders 2019 event , this time I bring you a preview of the talk by Gemma Muñoz , expert in big data, CEO and co-founder of the consulting firm The art of measuring , and director of the first master’s degree in Spanish in analytics digital in KSchool .In her presentation ” Data Analytics “, Gemma explained to us why the implementation of data analysis in companies is failing in a resounding way , thus turning investment in analytics technologies into a capital flight that fails to provide usa phone number list solutions , far from generating the desired return on investment.However, he also gave us the keys that we must take into account to obtain the maximum potential of the data and on how to use it properly to solve any type of problem in the company.Do you want to be aware of the latest news from Inbound Leaders 2020? Sign up in this form!
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Next, I leave you with some of the most revealing ideas of the talk ” Data Analytics ” by Gemma Muñoz. They interest you!


What should data analytics bring to the business?
Big data, and analytics in general, have the objective of helping us understand the business situation in real time , so that we can make decisions and execute actions quickly and in a timely manner.In this sense, the greatest value of data is not in the data itself, but in our ability to use it for the business. This implies making decisions “today”, since by “tomorrow” it will be too late, because the market will have changed and the data collected will have become obsolete.Thus, with the proper use of analytics, we can achieve three strategic Betting Email List the customer and drive sales.
Engage the customer and keep us on top of mind.
Build customer loyalty until they become a brand ambassador.
Why is data analytics failing? What are we doing wrong?
Some of the main reasons why data analytics is failing include the following:Decision makers underestimate the value of data: many people value data related to likes, visits, interactions, reach, followers, etc. But that quantitative data is not useful, the really useful thing is to find and present a business solution. That’s the value of the data !, not “the amounts of … (insert any metric here)”.
The data is used one year ahead: companies usually process and analyze data to make decisions within a month, the next quarter or at the end of the year, but the key to analytics is to take advantage of it as soon as possible . Were you not meeting your sales targets for a product this morning? So in the afternoon, let’s try changing the position of the product within the home page of our website.
Data analysts don’t understand the business – data departments are often isolated from the rest of the teams. They don’t communicate with sales, marketing, or other key areas. So how can they help the company if they don’t know how the business is doing? Ultimately, the responsibility of analysts is to find the solution to a particular business problem.
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So what do you do to make data analytics work 100%?
Gemma proposes a powerful methodology that she calls ” SEVEN “, which is a metaphor for the movie The Fantastic 7 , who were only 7, but they fought like 700. This is the essence of data analysis, use few resources and little data to generate a large impact on the business .

In reality, we do not need much to make decisions based on data, we just have to have access to the right data, at the right time, and not waste time to make a strategic decision.

To achieve this, the SEVEN methodology is based on the following stages:

S for Stakeholders .
E for Earn .
V for Visual Coding .
E for Engagement .
N for Next Action .
For a detailed explanation of each stage of this methodology, access the full recording in this Udemy content .

In conclusion , the most important key in data analytics is to understand that the focus should not be precisely on the data, but on the business problem that you want to solve.

As you will see, the level of expertise in Inbound Leaders 2019 was tremendous. If this was our previous edition, imagine how amazing our Inbound Leaders 2020 will be .

If you have any questions about the subject of “Data Analytics” or about the event , we encourage you to leave it in the comments section to be able to solve it.

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