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GAP case: Every strategy has a limit


GAP case: Every strategy has a limit

Last Updated January 2nd, 2018 at 10:08 am

Hurricane Sandy was a great tragedy for many people in the United States. However, brands like GAP and Belarus Phone Number List American Apparel saw the situation and decided to try to take advantage of it. “Try”, of course, since as expected, the shot backfired.

There are certain limits that brands cannot cross as they can turn against their own image. Both brands in question expressed that the arrival of a storm was a good opportunity to promote online-shopping by users.

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A good communication decision could have been to sympathize with the victims, to communicate a message that shows that the brand is together with its customers. However, they decided to look for an economic income with the situation, an unsuccessful decision. GAP sent the following tweet: “Everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy, stay safe! We will be doing a lot of sales on gap.com today. You are going to participate?

GAP Tweet-Hurricane Sandy

Despite immediately deleting it, the action was fervently repudiated on the different social networks. Many repudiated the Betting Email List greed and questioned the decision to challenge any limits in order to generate sales. What do you think?

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