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From data to useful knowledge


From data to useful knowledge

Not getting lost and being competitive necessarily means knowing our current client and potential clients in depth . Both market research and our own database can provide us with this knowledge. During the last sessions of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing we have reviewed the most relevant aspects in order to transform the data into useful knowledge and be able to compete effectively by putting the client at the center of all decisions. During the first session, we reviewed the concept and application of commercial research within the marketing planning and management process, both at a strategic and operational level. We also identify cell phone number database secondary and public sources of information that may be an inexpensive and readily available alternative to conducting a specific study. We review the phases for conducting an ad-hoc study with special emphasis on the problem formulation phase through its translation into specific research objectives, as well as in the design phase and the technical peculiarities of qualitative and quantitative studies. The session ended with a real example to illustrate how a promotional action to launch a product can also be used to capture leads and obtain relevant knowledge of the potential customer to whom we are targeting.


We begin the next session by reviewing the concept and objectives of a CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) strategy as a starting point to understand the importance of having a customer database. Then we went over the most relevant aspects of the process of creation, maintenance and exploitation of the Marketing Datamart (integrated Betting Email List environment with a customer focus). Specifically, we have emphasized not leaving the datamart development project in the hands of technology, whose leader and maximum person in charge is the Marketing area; only Marketing can know the “why” , with business logic, from the data that the Marketing Datamart must includeand it is the marketers who must define the requirements, the phase that, without any doubt, is the most important for their creation. We also highlight those mechanisms that must be implemented to ensure data quality (normalization, deduplication, …), and we close this chapter with a review of the database exploitation process , normally supported by a campaign management application, to direct marketing strategies . Finally, the session ended with a review of the use of external lists and / or databases as a strategic alternative to the database itself for capturing leads / customers and what are the success factors in their selection with potential suppliers existing. In the third and final session, based on the existence of the Marketing Datamart that we saw in the previous session, we reviewed the concepts of Customer Intelligence and the profitable customer development model, that is, how to move from the vision of “market share “To that of” customer fee . ” After doing a quick review of the general methodology for the development of customer knowledge projects and the analysis and data mining techniques used, we delve into an exhaustive list of practical cases:
• Prevention of customer abandonment / withdrawal.
• Segmentation by habits of use / purchase.
• Segmentation by value, segmentation by level of potential development (value), segmentation by linkage level.
• Map of opportunities for the client portfolio. In all the sessions, providers of professional services, computer solutions and / or recommended bibliography were mentioned as possible references to deepen all the topics covered.

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