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Flagship Stores


Flagship Stores

The shopping experience is increasingly categorized with greater relevance to consumers, whether with a product or service. The new consumer looks for the essence of the product, that is, that it provides added value. Therefore, we can say that to get the consumer’s attention we must focus on the experience that we are going to give, not so much on the product and its characteristics.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, experiential Singapore Phone Number List strategies have changed in recent years, as they are working and focusing on this area. Creating greater competitiveness of creativity in the market. Brands have opted to open the famous flagship stores. The opening to this event is the most important thing for a brand, since they are located in the main commercial hubs and generate a greater impact with consumers.


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To define what flagship stores are, they are known as spaces designed to create a unique and exclusive experience with the sole objective of building Betting Email List loyalty. The structure is different, the opposite of traditional stores. They offer unique services and even allow you to try new products. One of the essential components in these spaces is technology, since it creates a personalized environment.
Some cases known worldwide are the flagship stores of e M & M’s in London, Apple’s in New York or the Primark in Gran Vía.

The objective of these spaces is important, which is not exclusively to sell, but to increase engagement and create a brand. They are shop windows where consumers go to see the products, try them, take photos, enjoy the experience and, later, buy online.

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