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Five ways to optimize the use of the new Facebook design


Five ways to optimize the use of the new Facebook design

Last Updated January 6th, 2020 at 12:58 pm

Facebook announced that as of March 30, 2012, the design of the pages will change to the “Timeline”, already presented last year. Here are five tips to optimize your use of the new format.

New Design and Touch:

The new format will be similar to the timeline for personal profiles. It contains a cover photo, and is separated into two main columns divided by a line that represents the passage of time. This provision allows new ways of presenting the contents of the page: The highlights of the company.

The use of “milestones” (company highlights) means an opportunity not only to highlight certain content, but to humanize the brand and eliminate anonymity. Organizations that open and show “behind the scenes” content, promotions or exclusive status updates are more likely to receive interactions. Using milestones correctly helps stimulate conversations between users and the company.

Changing the place of the Tabs

The new design does not contain the application tabs (photos, information, activity of your friends) on the left side of the page. Now, these links are under the cover photo, rectangular in shape and larger, so that only a small Cyprus Phone Number List can be viewed. The key will be in the administration of these pensions.

The tabs arranged have to be those that generate the greatest interest in users. They represent the first thing people will see when they enter the brand page, so they should be chosen according to the objectives of the campaign.

Landing Page Removal

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The pages will not have a Landing Page, one of the ways to control the first impression of users.

That is why now special attention should be paid to the messages located at the top of the Timeline, since these will become one of the first things that those who visit the page will see. This change will give more importance to Facebook ads: they will be one of the few ways to guide the user to experience the new applications that the page presents.

New ways to prioritize content

One of the most attractive features of the new design is the ability to choose certain content and highlight it at the top of the timeline. The moderator of the page will be able to select which publications will appear above, for a certain time. These posts will be differentiated with an orange detail. You can choose one at a time.

It is a strategy to highlight information that is deemed necessary for users. We will begin to see content specially designed to stand out, be it images, videos or important statements.

Private messages between users and brands

Finally, brands will be able to send and receive private messages from users. This allows a deeper level of interaction and will allow the queries to be transferred to a more private setting.

Use private messages to unzip the Betting Email List 
timeline and prevent queries from piling up on it. Try to relate directly to the customer. It will give the brand a more personal look.

As we can see, the new design will change the way brands are moderated on Facebook. Either way, those brands that know how to take advantage of and exploit the new provisions and tools will be the most successful.

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