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Five common mistakes when running a blog


Five common mistakes when running a blog


1 1) Website / Blog integration
2 2) Much content oriented to products and services
3 3) Constancy
4 4) SEO
5 5) Call to Action
Last Updated January 8th, 2020 at 11:11 am

One of the most Belgium Business Phone List ened to comments among new entrants to the online world has as its main theme the performance, both monetary and image, of maintaining a blog. Both company and private blogs seek specific objectives that, when not met, frustrate both the campaign and the effort that each person puts in.

However an investigation revealed by @Mashable revealed that most blogs do not meet the five basic guidelines for setting up a blog.

MD shares with you these five critical points to apply:

1) Website / Blog integration
Many of the companies try to get their readers to the main page of the company, but this is not easy to achieve without a complete integration between page and blog. The reason for this is that the most used servers for websites are small local spaces, while WordPress, Blogger, etc. They are hosted on international servers.

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Solution: The fastest way of integration is to unify the domain, perhaps adding a www.blog. (Brand) .com. It not only helps a better exchange of information and users, but also search engine indexing.

2) Much content oriented to products and services
Generally, companies focus on showing and demonstrating their products. This helps promote through repetition. But when it comes to satisfying the demands of our customers, we want to create our brand culture. We should put ourselves in their shoes and think about what they would like to read. Let’s look for the identity of our brand and its concepts and make notes related to that. The objective is to achieve exchange and familiarity with the company.

Solution: Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Find fresh, personalized, new, intelligent and creative information. Relate the notes to the products but do not make them star in all of our content.

3) Constancy
The most successful blogs are Email
Betting Email List constant when it comes to posting. The higher the number of posts, the better indexing in Google. It takes quite a lot of responsibility and dedication to maintain a blog, but if you can’t, better not try.

Solution: Keep an updated calendar that reminds those responsible to post where they should. A healthy minimum would be one post per week, but if you want excellent results, it is better to post up to one per day.

4) SEO
Blogs can boost a website in indexing results. Proper content maintenance, coupled with full integration, can boost search results in explosive ways. It is not only necessary to update and optimize the notes that come out, but also the old ones, since they will be renewed and will weigh in results again.

Solution: install an SEO plug-in on the blog. Each of the services has different types of plug-ins to integrate. You just have to do a search and find the most popular and best ranked.

5) Call to Action
Forgetting the slogan of each note is one of the most common mistakes. What objective do we have with each article? Performing a correct construction of text, with hierarchies, colors and titles is the best way to direct traffic to the place we want.

Solution: Use highlighted, bold text, titles, links and new formats to highlight our CTAs.

Source: http://www.marketingresourceindex.com/5-common-blog-mistakes-and-their-5-quick-fixes/


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