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Figures in relation to ad blockers


Figures in relation to ad blockers

16.6% of digital advertising is not displayed in Spain due to ad blockers.
What are ad blockers for? As its name implies, its function is to block advertising on our computer and mobile devices . These programs are much loved by Tunisia Phone Number List and highly feared by publishers and advertisers, as they are being used more and more on a global scale, affecting the pocket of companies with devastating economic consequences.

The 16.6% of ads served in Spain in digital media are blocked , an average 2.6 points above the world average and even when ad blocking platforms are more prevalent in countries such as France (20.3% ) or Germany (22.8%).

Interestingly, the United States and Italy present lower percentages of ad blockers implementation , with 11.7% and 14.9% respectively. At the European level, Poland, Ukraine and Greece lead its use with 31.2%, 28% and 26.3% respectively.

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It is estimated that due to these programs in 2016 there will be 16,183 million dollars in losses . In addition, this amount will double in the next three years, causing a loss in the global advertising industry of approximately $ 32 billion.

When analyzing the behaviors by age range, it is seen how users between 18 and 29 years old are the most aware in relation to how this type of systems hurts Betting Email List , with 8.8%. And this, although it is precisely they who are most irritated by intrusive advertising , being more likely to block it.

And the behaviors according to sex? The males are more likely to employ these systems than women (26.5% vs. 19.7%), the slow loading the main factor that encourages users to install ad blockers.

Finally, although 90% of blocked advertising takes place on computers , there is a clear trend towards installing systems on mobiles , which is where ads are thought to be most intrusive.

Despite the fact that these systems are becoming more and more common and normal among users, advertisers can undertake certain practices in order to avoid blocking advertising , or minimize the negative economic impact caused by it.

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