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Fashion or trend? Quick analysis that can be done for your business


Fashion or trend? Quick analysis that can be done for your business


What was the first; the egg or the chicken? Detecting trends is a role of marketing professionals who do constant research, especially through competitor and market analysis. However, many times a simple benchmark can limit us to actions directed to a very momentary and short-term scenario. And what if we want to identify opportunities to come?

The Future Today Institute , by the futurist Amy Webb synthesized some questions that can help us detect signals and diagnose them in a strategic setting. However, before talking about these points, it is important to understand, in fact, the difference between fashion and trend. Although it is obvious to say that these concepts are defined by their durability over time, in practice there are other factors that hinder their differences. Some practical examples are businesses and ideas that were successful in their early stages and that after a while were considered as idioms:

Foursquare’s hallmarks of conquest (fashion) versus geolocation-based services (trend).
Gamification (fashion) versus intense optimization based on data (trend).
Scooters (fashion) versus multi-connected shared mobility services (trend).
In this way, how can we identify trends in the sector in which we operate? For that, think of a market signal. Do you understand that she has begun to be present repeatedly in your day to day? Then start analyzing it:

Question if that behavior pattern is really a trend
Which audiences will be positively or negatively affected by these advances? Who could act against them?
What public or private institutions are acting directly and indirectly with these changes?
How could this trend intervene in the future in the interests of the Mexico Phone Number List in which we operate?
Do you want to make an action plan? Think less about “timelines”
Doing trend marketing planning can be challenging due to lack of history and risks to the business. Therefore, its execution has a high probability of being non-linear. One way to visualize all the consolidated ideas would be to classify them by tactical , strategic and evolutionary characteristics .


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And where do I start with the action plan for my business?
The answer is simple: read, observe and accompany. The changes happen constantly and for this we have to be ready to make the links. Here are some websites that can inspire you: Whatever Betting Email List you operate in or the amount of information you have, remember the phrase: we have to learn to ask and ask in order to learn.


























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