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Facebook tools for SMEs


Facebook tools for SMEs

It’s good to be big, but you are more agile in small… and Facebook knows it.
What will you find in this content?Facebook tools for SMEs create campaigns that generate results
Some of the most useful features of Automated Ads:Appointment booking
New video editing toolsThere are many complaints from users of advertising on Facebook … is this because Facebook does not work for SMEs or because we are looking for a way to make it work that is wrong? Perhaps it is more the latter and hence the importance of knowing the Facebook tools for SMEs .
In Mexico, 9 out of 10 companies are SMEs … and it is not that in other latitudes it is very different; and the social network knows it. Small and medium businesses play an important role within the economy and this is palpable on Facebook, which has more than 90 million small businesses on the platform, [ Facebook internal data, January, 2019 ].With this framework and with the aim of helping small and medium businesses save time, the new Facebook tools for SMEs were announced, in order to facilitate the management and promotion of these businesses:Automated Ads : an easier and more intuitive campaign creation process, includes just four simple steps, based on the objectives of each business;
Appointment booking : service businesses can allow their clients to schedule and manage appointments through Facebook and Instagram;Video Editing : Helps to create engaging videos in just a few minutes via smartphone.Facebook tools for SMEs

“About 81% of small and medium-sized businesses that are on Facebook say that the platform helps them reach customers that would otherwise be difficult for them to reach. The new Facebook tools for SMEs allow entrepreneurs to have access to intuitive and efficient Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists resources , adding to our efforts so that small businesses continue to create communities around their services, “says Patrick Hruby, vice president of Facebook at Latin America.Facebook tools for SMEs create campaigns that generate results
Small entrepreneurs don’t always have the time or resources to develop digital marketing skills , but that shouldn’t be an impediment to creating campaigns that generate results. With Automated Ads it is possible to master this challenge. From simple questions about the business and campaign objectives, the tool develops a personalized marketing plan for the entrepreneur.In this regard, Patrick highlights that “Facebook ads allow companies of any size to find people interested in their products with an investment that adapts to their budget. These can be seen in the News Feed, Stories, Instagram or via the Audience Network. “Some of the most useful features of Automated Ads:Multiple versions of an ad: Allows the automatic creation of up to 6 different versions of an ad. Facebook will display suggestions for call-to-action buttons, texts, and other creative details based on the information on the Page. Once the ad is active, a better performing version is highlighted;Personalized Target Audience Suggestions – Provide audience options and recommendations based on information on the Page;Budget recommendation that generates results: The platform will recommend a budget with the highest probability of achieving good results, according to each objective indicated. It will also be possible for entrepreneurs to enter the budget they have available and receive an estimate of expected results;Timely ad notifications : Notifications to see how your ads are doing and how to improve them. This can include suggestions for changes, such as updating an image; or notifications when the ad starts to generate results.Facebook tools for SMEs in video

Owner Partner Shareholder Email Lists

Appointment booking
Among the Facebook tools for SMEs, Appointment Booking is one of the smartest, since it allows clients to book appointments with the business, accepting reservations online and sending reminders to clients through Messenger or text message. (SMS).You can also customize the menu of company services, show availability, and accept and manage all appointments directly from the Business Page. And to keep things organized, they can be synced with your personal calendar or other appointment management tool. The new tool is free for all businesses on Facebook and Instagram, including reminders via Messenger and SMS to avoid unexpected customer cancellations.Booking appointments on FacebookNew video editing toolsTo make video editing easier, three new tools were implemented: Auto Cut, Video Cut, and Text and Image Overlays. These modes are available in Ads Manager and Business Manager and can help reduce the resources required to create business-friendly video content. See Help for Facebook Advertisers for more information on auto – cropping and video cropping .In addition you can also check some tips on how to create an attractive video for Facebook and help you from Mobile Studio .“Creating video content and in Stories gives the opportunity to start relevant conversations with people interested in your products and services. We have introduced these new video editing tools so that entrepreneurs and small business owners have access to intuitive and simple resources to make their Business Pages more interactive, ”Patrick finally explained.What do you think? Are you ready to use the new Facebook tools for SMEs? If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain Betting Email List and communication strategies in detail, and be part of the community, you can receive them at your email door … And if you need advice for your business or training in digital marketing give us a shout out We love hearing from you.

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