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Facebook implements a new tool: reply to comments


Facebook implements a new tool: reply to comments

Last Updated January 7th, 2020 at 11:36 am


After several months of testing, Facebook finally launched a new tool to facilitate communication through the different fan pages between companies and users. This new function allows both users and administrators of the pages to generate conversations, that is, they can both respond to comments Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers directly, without adding new entries to the feed. That is, if we receive a comment on any page, being administrators we can direct a specific response, and thus create a thread of conversation with the user.


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The conversations with the highest number of comments will be placed at the top of the feed. This tool Betting Email List proposed by Facebook will undoubtedly facilitate the conversation between companies and their customers, especially those pages with a large number of followers, who suffered from problems when communicating with a particular user, in the middle of a feed of more than 1000 comments. Now, instead of tagging users to target them, they can reply directly to their comments.

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