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Facebook for business: how to create your page and 20 useful tips


Facebook for business: how to create your page and 20 useful tips

Do you want to create a Facebook page for companies but don’t know where to start? Have you created your page but feel like you could do more to reach your audience? You are in the right post. In this article I will tell you, on the one hand, how to create a page step by step and, on the other, I reveal 20 secrets that will help you get more interaction, reach and conversions on Facebook.list_altIndex of contentsFacebook for business: what options do we have?
How to create a Facebook page for companies
How to win fans on your Facebook page
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Facebook for business: what options do we have?
The latest data from Facebook reveals that more than 2.7 billion people use this social network per month. Can you imagine the potential it has for your business? And is that thanks to the Facebook page you can:Know the potential audience that may be interested in your business.
Attract your target audience and create a relationship with them.
Create personalized ads.
Run retargeting campaigns, inviting your followers to return to your page or store.
Sell ​​your products or services.
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How to create a Facebook page for companies
The first step in starting a Facebook business strategy … is creating a company page ! If you don’t have it yet, here are the steps you should follow. If you already have it, you can go to the next point.


Step 1: create the page
Enter the page for creating Facebook pages for companies through this link by clicking on “Create page”. Then you must choose one of the two options:Company or brand , in case you want to show your products and give visibility to your brand to reach more customers.
Community or public figure , in case you want to share content with people from a group, club, community, organization, etc.
create facebook page Betting Email List step 1I have selected the company or brand option to help you create your business page.Step 2: sign in
Once you have selected the group to which your page will belong, you must click “Start” and log in to your Facebook profile.create facebook page companies step 2Step 3: information about your page
Complete the basic information that the following page that you will find when entering your Facebook profile will ask you: name, category and description.I recommend that you value in depth what name you want to choose for your page and URL, since Facebook will only allow you to change your name once.In the description you can explain what your company does, the services it offers or what is the purpose of the page. You will have a total of 255 characters to complete this information.create facebook page companies step 3Step 4: corporate image and customization
Once you have given “Create page”, it is time to start working on the corporate image of the page , as you can now upload the profile image and the cover image.For the profile image, I recommend choosing a logo or clear image that helps users identify your page in search results. In addition, the image must have measures of 170 x 170 pixels.For the cover image , I advise you to choose one that is related to the theme of your business or the content that you have decided to share. In addition, the measurements must be 1640 x 856 pixels.Once we have loaded these images, we click “Sav”.Step 5: finalizing the detailsWe already have the page created, so it’s time to polish some details:Create a username to make it easier for users to find you.create page faceebok companies step 5create facebook page companies step 5-1In the left side menu, access the option “Edit information” to complete the details of your page.
create facebook page for companies step 5-2

Fill in the contact information: phone, email and website depending on whether you have them or not.create facebook for companies step 5-3Fill in the location information so that users can easily find your address.create facebook page for companies step 5-4Complete the information on working hours and possible temporary changes of service.create facebook page for companies step 5-5Complete the pricing information if you see it necessary.create facebook page for companies step 5-6I also recommend you access the Settings section and investigate a little all the options in case you need to resort to them at some point, since here you will find elements such as:Assign new roles to other people who will be involved in the management of this page.
Adjust page visibility. You can keep your page as an “Unpublished page” if you still think there are details to be finished.
Limit who can post and add photos or videos to your page.
Activate or deactivate the option to share your publications in Stories.Configure the way other users can contact you.
Whether or not to authorize other users to tag you in photos they post.Configure your page so that certain words or profanities are blocked.
Configure your page so that your content is published in several languages.
create facebook page for companies step 5-7Step 6: publish!
You can now start publishing, for which I recommend, first, that you develop a good social media strategy by following these 6 steps .To publish, you can insert all the information you consider and check with the preview how other users will see it, as I show you in the example:create facebook page for companies step 6In addition, you can leave scheduled publications and thus not be aware of when you have to publish each thing:create facebook page for companies step 6-1

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