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Facebook Ads vs Linkedin Ads: which strategy is better for your business?


Facebook Ads vs Linkedin Ads: which strategy is better for your business?

When we delve into the digital marketing strategy, one of the key points is where and how much we will invest in advertising campaigns .Social networks are protagonists in all strategies, since they allow reaching the desired audience thanks to their segmentations. But in which platform is it better to invest? The answer is wherever your target audience is. But do you know how to find it?list_altIndex of contents
Main differences between Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads
Relationship between inbound marketing and PPC campaigns
Tell me who your audience is and I’ll tell you what strategy to follow
Practical example: Facebook Ads vs LinkedIn Ads
So that you have no doubts, in this article we will focus on determining the differences between Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, and we will analyze which strategy is the best depending on the buyer persona your uk cell phone number directory is targeting. Let’s get started!Main differences between Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads
Before starting to analyze which are the best strategies in Facebook Ads and in LinkedIn Ads, it is important to bear in mind that they are very different social networks dedicated to very different audiences.Facebook and Facebook Ads
As you know, Facebook is a social network for personal use . The intention of Facebook, and its algorithms make it increasingly clear , is that we share our experiences with our friends and family, and that we have a good time while browsing this social network.Still, Facebook is also used professionally. In fact, we often find our professional information that can also be used, for example, in groups of professionals who share their doubts or experiences.



The platform that Facebook makes available to professionals who want to run paid campaigns is Facebook Ads, which allows us to segment demographically or based on the interests or interactions of users.LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn is the Betting Email List social network par excellence. By now, a professional worth its salt should have an impeccable LinkedIn profile with a well-groomed network of contacts and attentive to updates. Are you among them?In this case, the platform for creating ads is LinkedIn Ads. Although it does not have a very good reputation for obtaining apparently “expensive” results, depending on the buyer person we are looking for and the investment that our product or service implies, it may be the best choice .Although it is true that Linkedin Ads is in a process of continuous improvement of solutions for companies, if we talk about sponsored content, it is still far from Facebook in terms of functionalities.But when we are preparing to carry out PPC campaigns on social networks, we should not only look at the functionalities of the platforms: the important thing is to be clear about whether our investment will reach the public we want to reach and will generate the conversion we want. Here is the key!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Relationship between inbound marketing and PPC campaigns
After this short introduction differentiating Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, I think it is necessary to make a point. You may be wondering the following: does a PPC strategy, that is, outbound, fit into an attraction strategy such as inbound marketing? The answer, without a doubt, is yes, since paid campaigns within an inbound strategy …

They accelerate the results , since the combination of both strategies allows to achieve the established objectives earlier.
They allow us to create a better and greater audience segmentation , since thanks to inbound we have much gained in terms of the knowledge of our followers or readers.
They undoubtedly help to position the brand and achieve more recognition.The inbound is a strategy long term , therefore, combined with paid campaigns to the principle can help us get results. As the inbound strategy advances, we can reduce the investment in PPC until we eliminate it when the organic channel (main channel of the inbound methodology) already presents results on its own.Tell me who your audience is and I’ll tell you what strategy to follow
On Facebook Ads
If we are a company with a B2C model
If our company sells directly to the consumer, Facebook is a good platform to advertise our product or service. Advertising here allows us to promote content of interest to our buyer persona to capture their email and, later, nurture that contact until they are ready to purchase our product or service.If we are a company with a B2B model
If our company seeks to find audiences such as companies or professionals, we can also advertise on Facebook Ads. And, in the end, the professional profile we want to reach is a person who surely uses Facebook. Of course, we must be very careful with what type of advertising we do, since it is not a social network for intensive professional use.In this way, if we want to reach that profile, we will promote content that may interest you, but we will try to avoid direct promotion of products or services , especially if they require a large investment or it is a thoughtful purchasing process. Not only can we generate a bad image but we can also go from being invasive.New Call-to-action
LinkedIn Ads
If we are a company with a B2C model
In the event that our company seeks to reach the end consumer, I would not recommend, from the outset, campaigning on LinkedIn. Although I recommend you carry out a detailed evaluation to rule it out completely.Advertising on LinkedIn is usually more expensive than on Facebook because it allows us to segment the public based on their professional characteristics. If we sell to the end consumer, LinkedIn would not be the ideal place to advertise. Also, people who connect to LinkedIn often do so in a professional environment , either because they are reading articles and news, or because they are in contact with other professionals.If we are a company with a B2B model
In the event that our company targets other companies, the ideal place to run a PPC campaign is LinkedIn Ads. However, to see if it is worth advertising on LinkedIn we would have to check very well what the lifetime value of the client is or what the billing would be per client. In this way, if we test campaigns on LinkedIn, we can compare the cost of acquiring a client and see the return on investment.

Practical example: Facebook Ads vs LinkedIn Ads
As I said before, LinkedIn is often criticized in the field of advertising for being expensive, mainly because of the comparison made with Facebook. In any case, I do not consider this statement entirely correct for the following reason: if we advertise on Facebook and get many leads but few are of quality, we will have perhaps spent an amount similar to what we have invested in LinkedIn, where, with the same budget, we have captured fewer leads but, probably, of higher quality.And now is when you ask yourself: why do we introduce the issue of quality here ? We are going to see a practical example that could be real and you will see why it is important. Let’s imagine that our product or service is asoftware sold to human resources managers to improve recruitment processes. In this case, we are going to ask ourselves some questions:Are there HR directors on Facebook? Surely yes, they will have their personal profile there.
Are there Human Resources directors on Linkedin? Yes, of course.
How do we find HR directors on Facebook? Well, we will have to find them by Job title (although not everyone has their profession published on Facebook) and also by interests or behavior (why are they interested in issues of talent retention, people management, hiring, business …). Here we can see that Facebook is not as accurate.Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 17.43.12

How do we find HR directors on LinkedIn? Creating an audience whose position is “Human Resources Directors” or who are in this department within a company.
facebook ads vs likedin adsSo will we find hiring managers on both networks? Surely yes, although they will be in each social network with different intentions and dedicating their time to different things .Perhaps, due to the budget we have for the campaigns, if we advertise to capture leads, we will find more leads on Facebook but we will not know that they fit the profile we are looking for (in this case, Human Resources directors) until we ask them, since it may be that Facebook, directly, does not have the information. Therefore, the quality of the leads comes into play here .It can also happen that on LinkedIn we spend the budget and get fewer leads but, instead, they fit the profile we are looking for if we manage to find the segmentation that interests us.n conclusion, we can say that, in general, if our company is B2B and our product or service requires a medium or high investment focused on office professionals, we will choose to carry out campaigns on LinkedIn Ads . If, on the contrary, our company is B2C , with a product or service of medium or low investment (or even a B2B focused on the street professional) we will opt for Facebook Ads .As you can see, it is not possible to state outright which is the best platform to carry out advertising campaigns, but we can decipher which is the most appropriate according to the type of audience we are addressing. What types of campaigns work best for your business? Let me know in the comment section!

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