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Executive development: self-knowledge for people management


Executive development: self-knowledge for people management

Did you know that there is a set of tools that increase leadership capacity to obtain better results? In managerial development it is key to speak of a rising trend: self-knowledge. And it is that by doing an introspection, an Estonia Phone Number List analysis, a more efficient managerial development is achieved, which has a direct impact on the results.If you want to delve into this topic, stay in this article and I will tell you from what it is to why it is necessary or what benefits it brings to the business and to yourself. Keep reading!list_altIndex of contents
What is managerial development?
What is self-knowledge?
Why is self-knowledge necessary for people management?
What skills are important to develop in someone who occupies a managerial position?
Tools to know yourself
What benefits do self-knowledge and managerial development bring to the individual and the company?
What is managerial development?
The management development is based on all those formations, tools or skills you want to develop and improve senior officers or those in management positions . Management development was born with the purpose of optimizing two areas in particular:


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Management : improve management knowledge. These are the competencies that can be quantified.
Leadership : with special emphasis on interpersonal relationships and the ability to solve problems or conflicts by the management team. From decision making to strategic planning, complete business vision, etc.
The importance of managerial development lies in making efficient the work of people who have jobs with high responsibility .And it is that according to a study by Korn / Ferry International entitled “Executive Quiz”, more than half of the people who occupy management positions reach their Betting Email List productive level when they have been with the company between 3 and 5 years. This data implies:That the labor excellence of managers is related to the way of working of each organization.
That the work plans of each company or organization must be dynamic and, as far as possible, avoid cataloging managers as high or low potential.
What is self-knowledge?
Have you ever wondered “who am I?” Surely it has been difficult for you to answer such a question, since it is not about describing yourself physically, but about internalizing , knowing the person you really are and knowing how you react to different situations or contexts. Self-knowledge leads to personal development and strengthening emotional intelligence .Self-knowledge is not a new term, but in recent years it has been seen to be effective in the business world. And the importance of this concept is that it plays a very important role for psychological well-being and other elements that I would like to detail:

Keeps the project, objective or life purpose of the people clear.
It allows you to manage your emotions in times of difficulty.
Improves mental health to achieve general well-being .
It grants realistic goal setting.
Although it sounds fanciful, self-knowledge allows us to enjoy greater happiness , since it can be very well coupled to any stage of life. Thus, self-knowledge requires time and interest to develop. Some practical actions you can take to enhance it are:Write an emotion diary.
Make a list of strengths and weaknesses.
Practice mindfulness.
Attend an emotional intelligence course or workshop.
It is evident that this concept gives rise to professional reinvention and allows us to discover the talent and vocation of people.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Why is self-knowledge necessary for people management?
Self-knowledge is a trigger for any improvement process, even for learning. That is why leadership is a key concept . People who have very well developed self-knowledge are able to identify their feelings and emotions to express them without any inconvenience.To be an excellent leader, self-knowledge is important: in this way, close and lasting relationships can be established. How is it possible? Internally, the human being has the ability to have self-awareness and lead their own actions. This is how externally you can lead a group of people , that is, fully and efficiently manage a work team.What skills are important to develop in someone who occupies a managerial position?
As I have mentioned, self-knowledge is a gradual process and could be described as the key to triggering personal and professional development. Therefore, the figure of a leader needs to enhance this process.In the workplace, a business manager requires certain skills to stay in managerial positions and be highly valued; let’s see some:


The Johari window is intended to show the similarities or differences with respect to the perception that a person has of themselves versus the image that a group of people have of them.

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2. Coaching
This is one of the most used and ideal tools to enhance managerial development , since it provides the basis for leadership . The figure of “coach” assists and accompanies the user to internally stimulate his type of leadership and skills.3. 360 ° Feedback
This tool allows to know the perception that collaborators have regarding who is responsible for the command, for example. This feedback allows to identify key elements and areas of opportunity to lead towards personal improvement .4. MBTI
For its acronym in English, the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator is a mechanism that has the purpose of evaluating the personality based on key answers, for example, on how a person feels in a vulnerable situation.This tool is divided into:Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I)Feeling (S) or Intuition (N)
Think (T) or Feel (F)
Judge (J) or Perceive (P)
For example, taking into account the first pair of psychological preferences: Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I). A typical question might be: “Do you prefer to focus on the outside world or your own inner world?”In the case of the second pair, Feeling (S) or Intuition (N), we could find examples such as: “Do you prefer to focus on the basic information you receive or do you prefer to interpret and add meaning?”And so on with each of the eight types. In this way, a profile is created from among the multiple possible combinations:On its official website you can take the test and check what your personality type is.5. Simulations
The computer simulations are practical tools where some unforeseen situation appears kind and an immediate response is required. In this way, the evaluated person puts their abilities to resolve the situation at stake.6. Corporate universities
Some companies, such as Unión Fenosa or Banco Santander, are opting to institutionalize their learning modality for their collaborators through corporate universities. The essential objective of this tool is to manage internal knowledge from workshops, courses and trainings on specific topics and, furtherore, to develop teams in a comprehensive way.What benefits do self-knowledge and managerial development bring to the individual and the company?
Knowing yourself may seem simple or basic, but the reality is that it turns out to be a complex process. Specifically, the benefits of self-knowledge in the personal and business sphere are:Be self-aware of emotions and their impact on others.
Ensure that emotional awareness is linked to personal values .
Detect the strengths , but mainly the areas of opportunity to improve continuously .Activate self-motivation to achieve the desired success.Have the capacities and abilities at the service of a company.
It engages the top management causing the retention of human talent.Identify the management style that should be governed in a company.

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