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ExactTarget, currently Salesforce Marketing Cloud: a software with enormous potential


ExactTarget, currently Salesforce Marketing Cloud: a software with enormous potential

In late 2000, entrepreneurs Scott Dorsey, Chris Baggott, and Peter McCormick founded ExactTarget. In 2013 , ExactTarget was taken over by Salesforce , one of the world’s leading companies in customer-oriented sales management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).A year later it changed its name to Salesforce Australia Mobile Number Database Cloud and today it has become one of the automation tools with the greatest potential on the market. Is this the tool your business needs? If you want to discover it, in this article you will be able to know all its functionalities so that you can decide.list_altIndex of contents
ExactTarget – what is it exactly?
Salesforce Marketing Cloud: How Does It Work?
Advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget)
ExactTarget – what is it exactly?
A well-worked email marketing is still one of the best ways to obtain clients for a company today. The tools available in the market allow to automate a large part of the strategy, with the aim of saving a lot of time and improving the conversion. Among them is Salesforce Marketing Cloud , formerly known as ExactTarget.


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After the acquisition by Salesforce in 2013 and its subsequent name change, it has gained importance in the market until it has become a very complete and powerful platform , which is especially ideal for those who already work with Salesforce, as it integrates perfectly with it. CRM.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!EMAIL *your email
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Salesforce Australia Phone Number List Cloud: How Does It Work?
Choosing a marketing automation tool is not easy, since each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Exact Target has undergone a great evolution over time, and now, in addition to being able to handle all the phases of an email marketing campaign, it also allows automating other aspects related to current inbound marketing , including social networks, pages landing page or voice and text messaging.Exact Target, hand in hand with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, has been transformed into an integrated platform that allows improving the relationship with the client, focused mainly on B2C. It is a software that can handle large databases and that has modules that allow you to handle social media strategies, online advertising or SMS campaigns, among many other options. In short, it allows to improve “one to one” communication with clients or potential clients.

Which marketing automation tool is the right one for your company? Find out with this free guide!Increase engagement and conversion
Email Studio and Social Studio are two of the main features of Marketing Cloud. Both focus on improving the relationship with customers in the medium and long term, creating fully personalized email marketing campaigns, as well as generating social marketing actions. Thanks to them, you can get qualified leads and increase engagement and conversion.On the other hand, with Mobile Studio we can create strategies based on SMS campaigns, push notifications or group messaging, thus developing a personalized mobile interaction. In addition, with Advertising Studio it is also possible to optimize search engine advertising and customize social ad campaigns.advertising studio marketing cloud

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Create personalized experiences through automation
Through applications such as Journey Builder, a marketing automation tool integrated in Marketing Cloud, it is possible to create personalized experiences according to the needs and knowledge of each client, triggering actions in real time automatically. In this way, customers will feel heard and cared for at all times.In addition, thanks to the Automation tudio tool it is possible to automate functions such as segmentation, communication processes, file loading or data extraction. You can also schedule recurring shipments or create personalized data-driven communications quickly and easily.Analysis of the impact of all marketing actionsWhat is the use of having all these tools if we cannot measure the value of our actions? Marketing Cloud also incorporates an analysis tool called Analytics Builder , with which we can carry out detailed monitoring of each of our marketing actions, with which we can improve decision-making.Thanks to Analytics Builder we will be able to evaluate the performance of our email marketing campaigns in a simple way, since it incorporates tools for creating graphical reports in just a few clicks using the available templates and advanced options to create your own personalized reports.Segment your audienceUsing a database without segmenting it is like going fishing without a rod. Contact Builder is the tool that allows you to collect information from different sources to segment your audience in a simple and agile way. Later, with Audience Builder we will define different audiences that we can use when launching our marketing campaigns.

Business Intelligence from real data
Einstein IA is the predictive analysis tool of Marketing Cloud, a tool that uses the data collected and offers us very interesting information that can be very useful when perfecting our marketing campaigns. For example, it says what is the most favorable time for our customers to open emails or in which segments we are having the most success. In short, it offers us information that allows us to improve decision-making and further fine-tune our campaigns to obtain better results.

einstein is salesforceSource: SalesforceAdvantages and disadvantages of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget)
On the one hand, Marketing Cloud is presented as a very complete marketing automation tool that is very easy to configure and manage . It offers a 360º vision focused on the client that allows us to improve interaction with them and increase the generation of leads.In addition, thanks to the analysis tools it also allows us to measure the value of each of our actions in order to obtain a higher conversion.We also find a scalable tool that stands out above all in the education, closure and loyalty phases. As Salesforce has accustomed us, Marketing Cloud has great customer service , with telephone support in Spanish, extensive documentation, training, certifications and intensive training, even in person.On the other hand, and despite the fact that it is an increasingly user-friendly and intuitive tool, its learning curve is too steep , due to the great power and the number of tools it offers. The pricing system is also somewhat complex to understand, and somewhat less economical than tools of the same cut , especially if you are not a user of other Salesforce products.It’s certainly an incredible marketing automation tool that has been improving over the years, especially since Salesforce’s acquisition of Exact Target. Although it still has some aspects to improve, right now it is at the level of the most powerful tools on the market , so it is one more option to consider.

If you want to know if this is the best marketing automation tool for your company, we recommend before doing a thorough analysis of all the possibilities available in the market . A comparison could also help you assess what advantages and disadvantages each tool has over the others and which are the functionalities that best suit your project.

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