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Empowerment Marketing: 10 Brands That Inspired Women


Empowerment Marketing: 10 Brands That Inspired Women

It is impossible that you have been on social networks in the last week without seeing the HT # EfectoMiniso.Overnight , everyone was talking about the brand and its stuffed animals, not as simple products, but as objects of desire. How did Miniso achieve this? How did it go from being a lifestyle store that sells “curios” items to being a brand that generates emotional Investors Email Lists of this level? Let us tell you what made the Miniso stuffed animal campaign a success story.Create demand and start storytelling
We have talked that Inspiring Marketing is the creation of marketing that people want to see, comment on, share or acquire.On Wednesday March 20, the stuffed animals of all the Miniso stores in the main states of the Republic had disappeared … how is it possible? Many wondered… if it is the brand’s best-selling product, it represents 8% of its sales! More than 5,400 units are sold every day among all its stores!And the most enigmatic of the case was not the disappearance of the shelves, but the answer that they gave you if you asked about them: “they escaped.” This simple answer, opened the door to tell a story … Storymakers, one of the 8 secrets of the brands that inspire .miniso stuffed animals escaped
The “stuffed animal escape” was the first step, generating enormous expectations about where they were and what had happened; Thus, the brand became a trend in social networks with theHTNoHayPeluchesEnMiniso. In just eight hours, the campaign had reached more than 30 million hits.

Investors Email Lists

miniso stuffed animalsCreating magic that inspires
Product grabbing strategies to raise demand have been known for many years … but here it was not something so crude. The second step was loaded with magic.On Thursday 21 the stuffed animals that had “escaped” surprised thousands of people very early in universities and gyms, but this did not stop, the brand spread the inspiration to public transport (suburban train), restaurants, offices, cinemas and parks! ! And, to close the day, at 5:00 p.m., Madero, a street that has more than 350 thousand pedestrians a day, was paralyzed and was surprised by stuffed animals that fell from the sky and a Flash Mob. So or more engagement Betting Email List?ResultsIn total, more than 20 thousand items of the brand were given to Mexicans in a single day, spreading awareness of the brand to more than 50 million people.And of course, this would not mean anything if there is not behind also some ROI in silver, right?Well, since Miniso had sown the seed of desire in thousands of people who wanted to be photographed with their stuffed animal and upload it to social networks, on Friday March 22, all MINISO stores woke up with a 15% discount in all teddies. I think it goes without saying what happened …the miniso teddies campaignThe communicationThe work of dissemination in social networks, obviously was given to an extraordinary handling of the HT EfectoMiniso , which obviously appeared in each of the stuffed animals that escaped; However, the brand also worked with influencers to spread the word.

HT handling …
miniso teddies campaignInfluencer Marketing for Miniso’s stuffed animals …
where are the miniso stuffed animalsFinally, they also sent the stories to the media, including all possible material, images, videos, press releases… ALTHOUGH NO PLUSH! ? Which would have been to give them a standing ovation by now.Coming?According to the brand, the CDMX, metropolitan area, Puebla, Monterrey, among other cities, have been invaded by an advertising campaign that has different arts and phrases, on billboards, billboards and parabuses, of what the #EfectoMiniso is.It is a 360º campaign of the brand, which seeks to reflect the sensations, feelings and actions of its consumers when entering a store, discovering a product, discovering a new point of sale or license, and of course, when acquiring one of its items .The campaign, it is true, is not cheap at all, since it has an investment of 25 million pesos, which are being reflected in advertising ATL, BTL, influencer marketing, digital, social networks and public relations. What is the expectation? Impact 4 out of 10 Mexicans. AWESOME!What did you think of the Miniso plush toy campaign? Cool? Inspiring? If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain marketing and communication strategies in detail, and be part of the community, you can receive them at your email door … And if you need advice for your business or training in digital marketing give us a shout out We love hearing from you.

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