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Last Updated December 1st, 2016 at 12:46 pm

Do you need statistics on the emojis you’ve been using on your Twitter account?
You’re lucky! Today I will introduce you to a new tool called Emoji Life that provides us with a series of relevant statistics and Italy Phone Number List , regarding the use we give to emojis in our Twitter accounts.

This tool analyzes all our tweets (yes, including those at the beginning of all time, when we open our account) and shows us which emoji we have used the most.

Access to this tool is very easy, you just have to follow this link , enter your name and password and authorize the APP to get to work.

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Emoji Life also lists all the emojis used and groups them by the number of times they have been published. It also indicates, as a percentage, the tweets that contain emojis and in turn, reveals how the interactions have been generated depending on the emoji used (it graphs us which have been the tweets with emoji that have received the most “likes” and have been “Retweeted”).

It is also possible to see a timeline of the use of your emoji, that is, it shows us through a graph, the days when we have used the most emoji, how many we have used in total, the categories, the count of the different emojis used, etc.

emoji 2


I hope this note has helped
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Itria Lilian Mazza


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