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Email marketing: the pretty girl of digital marketing


Email marketing: the pretty girl of digital marketing

The channel continues to be the favorite for communication between the brand and its customers. 7 years after her time in the Master in Direct and Digital VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists at BSM-UPF , Giovanna Capasso could be considered an expert in email marketing .Although he took his first steps in the world of advertising in Venezuela, after his studies in Barcelona he decided to change not only his country of residence, but also his professional address, dedicating himself to passionately advising different companies on their email marketing strategies . “Emailing is a perfectly measurable, personalized tool with a 3800% positive ROI compared to social media channels,” says Giovanna, Senior Business Developer at the Emailing Network and newcomer professor of the Master.

Chief and VP of Purchasing Email Lists

According to their data, emailing is still the channel that users prefer to communicate with companies. Thus, it is understood that the Betting Email List investment in the channel will grow at rates close to 18%. “The return is increasingly profitable and the possibility of making comprehensive strategies with other channels is increasingly versatile. The future is in programmatic communications and we are already seeing it with companies like Liveintent in the US ”, Giovanna says. Key elements of an email marketing campaign According to the expert, there are a series of issues to consider in order to carry out a good email marketing campaign : AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION: who do you want to reach? What are they like? How can they be grouped?
CUSTOMIZATION: what interests each of them?
UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION: a good USP must clearly show the people reached why your offer is different from the rest, what makes it unique. CALL TO ACTION CLEAR: A very small button, a bad call or too many distractions in the design of the email are some of the errors that can make what you want users to do in your email not achieved.
ONE PURPOSE: you don’t want to do everything in one email. Focus on one goal and direct all email communication that you will send to that.

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