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Email marketing automation: what it is and 5 things to avoid


Email marketing automation: what it is and 5 things to avoid

Did you know that email marketing strategies are 40% more effective than those carried out on social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook?Email is a very powerful marketing tool, and with the right planning and strategy it can help convert many users into customers.In this article, then, I propose to analyze what are the benefits of email how to buy a uk phone number automation and what things should be avoided in order to achieve a successful campaign. Let us begin!list_altIndex of contents
Email marketing automation: what is it?
5 mistakes to avoid in email marketing automation
Email marketing automation: what is it?
Email marketing automation refers to the use of specialized software to send emails in an automated and automated way.Some companies leave email marketing campaigns away from the main strategy thinking that other methods, such as investing in social networks, may be more effective. Nothing is further from the truth: thinking about an email marketing strategy is more than positive, if not essential .Learn how to automate your marketing by accessing the full PDFWhen we talk about this type of campaign and, especially, automated ones, we move to a field in which not only conversion matters, but also the saving of resources that comes with having certain tasks scheduled automatically.


In this way, marketing teams can dedicate their efforts to more creative tasks that lead to greater benefits instead of spending time on repetitive tasks. Makes sense, don’t you think?Benefits of email marketing automation
As we say, email Betting Email List automation campaigns achieve greater profitability by saving operational time. But this is not the only benefit of this marketing action. There is more, and I’ll tell you about them below!It is 100% effective and it is an action that clearly reduces costs.
It allows you to have greater control over all the marketing actions that you are going to carry out.
It enables the detection of the users most interested in your product or service and, therefore, strong candidates to receive a more direct commercial offer.
It is a fully configurable option .
It allows you to have a conversation with your subscribers, so that you maintain contact from the beginning until you finally buy.
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Lead scoring and lead nurturing: an effective strategy
There are several email marketing automation strategies, but in this article I am going to focus on analyzing lead scoring and lead nurturing. Take note!Lead scoringThe Lead scoring is a technique to give a rating to your leads database. This classification, score or “scoring” will depend on how close your buyer persona is to your company, taking into account their interactions with it, as well as the point of the purchase process where they are.Qualifying leads you achieve:Create personalized and more effective messages.
Facilitate marketing and sales strategies to create more concrete actions.Know the degree of interest of your audience in your service or product.
Fit which are the closest or furthest leads to the purchase and create strategies based on it.
Create better loyalty strategies.
Do you already know everything about lead nurturing and lead scoring? Access the full PDF!
Lead nurturingOnce we have classified all the leads (with lead scoring) we can start a lead nurturing strategy . The objective of this strategy is to educate, attract and retain customers to achieve a previously defined objective (which is usually the sale or consumption of a service).With lead nurturing we can choose certain interactions that the company will carry out with the user in a fully automated way . Thanks to practices such as retargeting, chatbots or smart CTAs, we can carry out a lead nurturing strategy after scoring.At InboundCycle we believe that the key strategy is to first carry out the lead scoring and, later, the lead nurturing . In this way, the most direct actions, such as sending an email offering a certain product, are carried out based on the knowledge of what type of customer or potential customer that email is addressed to.email marketing automation lead scoring lead nurturing5 mistakes to avoid in email marketing automation
Once the concepts of email marketing automation, lead scoring and lead nurturing have been introduced, I would like to talk to you about the mistakes that you should avoid when automating these types of actions.

1. Skip the analysis and scoring phase
One mistake that you should avoid is not analyzing and segmenting your database well . If you send the same email chains to all users (without scoring) you will lose many opportunities.

For example: suppose you are addressing a user who is already very advanced in the sales process (he has already read many articles and pages on your website, he has downloaded many of your downloadable ones, he has opened many of your emails, he knows you … ).

If we have not segmented our database well based on this, we may start to shock you with overly educational emails about content that you may have already read. That would be poor nutrition and you could lose it.

In this case, the right thing to do would be to have these users well identified and send them appropriate email chains for the phase they are in. In the example you would send, more specifically, a content with a more commercial tone.

email marketing automation analysis

2. Do not personalize content
Another of the most common mistakes is not personalizing the content of emails . If we have the database well segmented (with a good lead scoring) and we know user data, we can customize the content so that it is as close as possible to their needs, since each user is different.

And we do not only mean to address him by name, but also to contacts in which we follow the steps he has taken on the web to offer help, for example, or an email thanks to which they can follow certain steps to continue with what that they had left half on your page.

email marketing automation personalization

3. Email chains linked to nurturing
Another of the typical errors of email marketing automation and scoring and nurturing strategies is that in the email chains there is not the necessary means to advance the user through nutrition .

For example, suppose we already have scoring and we have already segmented users according to their level of qualification. On the other hand, we have nurturing with three different nutrition chains depending on the phase the user is in: education emails, brandings and others with a more commercial tone.

The criteria for a user to go from nutrition chain 1 to 2 is that they have read a minimum of 3 blog articles, that they have opened at least 2 emails and that they have downloaded 2 ebooks. If in nutrition 1 emails we do not invite users to read articles or download ebooks, it will hardly ever happen to the next nutrition.

New Call-to-action
4. Not creating enough impact for a sale to take place
The amount of impacts required to close a sale is different for each business. Not adjusting your email chain well (that is, making it too short) can lose business opportunities. In this way, you stop impacting records that, perhaps, if you had ever impacted them again, would have requested information.

To get it right, the key is to understand that each lead has a different maturation phase and we must adapt to it to send the right content, just as often as necessary.

5. Do not analyze or adjust your campaigns
Lead nurturing must be something dynamic , which adapts to the context and the database. It is very important to periodically perform analysis of results to think about improvements that increase the results. Remember it!

Analyzing aspects such as the number of emails sent, opened, clicked … is of vital importance to adjust the following campaigns and achieve better results in the next shipments.

email marketing automation results analysis

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