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E-Commerce grows at an unstoppable rate, isn’t it?


E-Commerce grows at an unstoppable rate, isn’t it?

There is much talk about why companies should sell online or that all the brands in the world have already taken the leap, but nobody thinks about why some sectors do not. In fact, for many sectors, electronic commerce is still very far from reality.

Why don’t consumer Belize Phone Number List and / or brands sell via e-commerce? One answer that can be given is that they are more self-conscious about taking it out or not because of the fear that the distribution channel has.

We are going to put an example. If I have a well-known brand of deodorants and I launch my E-Commerce, the distribution margin (what supermarkets, pharmacies, etc … keep to sell the products) is my company. It is at this moment that two options arise:

1- Earn more: it is a margin that I did not have before and therefore I keep it increasing my profit.
2- Reduce the price: I earn the same but the cost for the end customer will be lower.

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With either of the two options, supermarkets, or whatever the company’s distribution channels are, will be affected and they will no longer want to have the products of my company or brand.

The same thing happens with pharmaceutical products, there are certain lobbies in distribution and therefore there are companies, especially producers, that are more reluctant to sell.

If we now think of companies of this type that do not even have their own store, we find ourselves with greater reluctance, the fear now may be to lose all business.

Other reasons why brands hesitate to sell online are channel management and digital experience. A Betting Email List
sales channel would have to be generated, which at the moment is non-existent and new rules must be defined for the physical channel so that everything works harmoniously. In the paint sector, where I am currently, approximately 75% of sales go to the traditional channel (shops specializing in paint), which can make it difficult to homogenize prices, in such a way that it is consistent with what could be the online price for the end user. It is something where you do not have absolute control.

It is frustrating to see more of the drawbacks or problems to overcome than the opportunities that are being missed in some industries. Sometimes I stop to think about how useful it would be for someone to order paint samples online or buy it directly and not have to travel and carry so much weight, that the stores could be a site of experiences of colors and textures instead of a kind warehouse … What is clear is that this change still has time to come.

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