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E-Commerce and its coexistence with physical sales channels


E-Commerce and its coexistence with physical sales channels

We spoke with professor Lola Pardo about the new challenges and opportunities that the Internet and e-commerce bring.
In this interview with Lola Pardo , head of development of new IT projects at the “La Caixa” Banking Foundation, we talked about the Internet economy, the collaborative economy and the coexistence of e-commerce or Finance Directors Email Lists stores with off-channel channels , highlighting that the key is to listen to the customer and the consumer.

Is that the impact that e-commerce has had shows that there is another economic model different from the traditional one: the Internet model, which brings us closer to a collaborative economy where being an owner is not necessarily the most efficient, posing new challenges for both businesses as well as consumers.

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According to Lola, the trend in terms of sales translates into experimenting; not owning but enjoying, the new interest being that of change and in the change what is generated is volume and there what happens is that it reaches the nature of the Internet where what there is is volume , very large and global markets.

So, it is very interesting to see how from a traditional Betting Email List where the efficient business model was to sell our own and satisfy demands, now we are living a collaborative economy, where the interesting thing is change, participation and generation of scenarios in which they are others those that from a proposal of a company generate wealth and value.

Coexistence of the physical sales channel with the online sales channel
For Lola Pardo there are very clear inertias between the sales channels on and the channels off. It is that while there are businesses that arise only because the Internet exists – and they do not compete with the physical channel because they are merely online – there are others that have physical points of sale and that, erroneously, translate exactly that concept to the online model, forgetting that in it the The shopping experience totally changes to that of the physical point of sale.

When the two types of channels coexist, it is necessary that there be very clear flows between the objectives of the online store and the offline one, being essential for success to listen to customers.

In this sense, it is important to be aware of market variations and what professionals are required today to cover these new business models in which there are great job opportunities.

Finally, Pardo highlights three specific and fundamental tools that any marketing professional should know and handle:

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