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Duopoly Facebook Google is it possible not to depend on it?


Duopoly Facebook Google is it possible not to depend on it?

Is there a digital life beyond Google and Facebook? What will you find in this content?

1 The duopoly Facebook Google is not your friend
2 You cannot gain differential advantage with this strategy
Are there alternatives to the Facebook Google formula?
3 The Facebook Google binomial is more valuable for our brand if we invest in other points
How to find alternatives for our brand?
What to do on social media?
Most marketers and digital communication coordinators base almost all their efforts on two tools: Facebook and Google. The question is, will investing all our money in these two companies, will it benefit our brands or these? Is it possible to survive in the online ecosystem without putting so much money in the Facebook Google duopoly ? Recently at the Socialbakers Engage 2020 event , Rand Fishkin , one of the brightest minds in digital Jamaica Phone Number List , had a presentation where he gave his point of view on this topic. Here the video if you want to watch the full presentation, or you can read the insights and some tips below.

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1 The duopoly Facebook Google is not your friend
According to Fishkin, the social network and the search giant get more out of brands than you can get out of them.Google
As an example, he cites what Google is doing, promoting zero click . What is this? the phenomenon in which users ask a question and Google instead of showing us organic results from different pages, as it used to do, today it first shows us alternatives of its property with which it seeks to solve our doubt directly or keep the clicks. In fact, in some cases, it does this using information from our sites, such as featured snippets. direct answers from google
Some examples of this are:

PPC ads
Direct responses from Google
Featured snippets
The maps
The images
YouTube videos
Hotels recommended by Google
Flights recommended by Google
Jobs recommended by Google
All of these properties appear before organic results, and belong to Alphabet, the mother of Google. The result? Half of all Google searches end up on Google, that is, Zero click to our pages.

This makes the search engine your competition … not your ally, at least in terms of digital Betting Email List . Google competes with you for clicks every day. Facebook
Facebook works in a very similar way.He first fooled brands by telling them to create pages that users could then go to to interact with… what really happened next? It closed the organic reach, and today it charges brands so that their own users can see them on the social network.Too Machiavellian to be real? Let’s see a figure to check it … what percentage of our followers on the social network interact on average with our posts? If we don’t pay … practically nobody. The engagement on Facebook for the pages does not even reach .1% per post.

Engagement on Facebook.
And how much have brands invested in creating their pages and content for them? Much money sadly.This is without mentioning all the problems of the social network, such as the addiction it causes, the sounding board that it is, the fake news, among other evils.And despite all this, we continue to believe that investing in ads in these tools is the best option … And so we continue to enrich the Facebook Google duopoly, without even thinking about whether there are other options.

2 You cannot gain differential advantage with this strategy
It’s pretty obvious right? A differential advantage is built on something that only your brand has … while everyone has access to the marketing tools of the Facebook Google duopoly.When a brand sees its profits grow with a type of strategy on Facebook or Google, its rival can immediately copy it, which causes competition between both within the tool and voila , the cost per click, per view, per conversion increases … And who wins? That’s right … they, not us.Things get worse … When we segment with the tools of these giants, we must face the idea that other brands, even those that are not competitors of our product or service directly, also compete for the same market.An airline can compete for the same audience as a hotel, a travel agency or a tourist route operator in the destination, and the inventory of spaces is limited, so the higher the demand, yes… less supply and higher costs.This means that we not only compete with our peers… but with many other brands and niches that overlap with ours.Are there alternatives to the Facebook Google formula?Is the solution not to use these tools? Of course not. That’s impossible. The solution is not to depend on them totally.What if instead of just investing in the duopoly, we look for niche sites, publications, podcasts, nanoinfluencers, bloggers, journalists, digital PR, etc. to place part of our budget there?Is it more work? Of course! but also more opportunities, less competition and more profit.

3 The Facebook Google binomial is more valuable for our brand if we invest in other points Fishkin explains that when we insert our brand in other media, even if their mentions are not even links to our page, the notoriety we gain is valuable.If our public notices that one medium mentions our brand, and then another and another, and another… they will end up looking for us by their own decision.Fishkin gives an example of a pasta-making tool. If several pages mention it, pasta lovers who visit those sites will end up looking for the tool themselves … or when they need to buy one, and see that brand they already heard about, they will opt for it.This means that, the more we invest in making ourselves seen on other channels, the better results our investment in Google and Facebook will provide us when the time really comes to do so.In other words, you have to do much more branding work in other channels and seek to close the conversion clamp with the duopoly.How to find alternatives for our brand?The 5 steps Fishkin outlines to achieve this are:

Finding who our audience truly is
Determine what messages already resonate with them
Discover the sources that influence them
Find the channels where they are interacting
Place and amplify our message at these points
How to obtain this information?

Online surveys
Point of sale surveys (buyers and non-buyers)
The information obtained in this way, first hand, will help to know what they are looking for, how they are looking and where, which means that it will help you to configure your brand’s buyer’s journey.

21 digital marketing phrases
When you know where your users are looking and / or spending time to get information, you can then use a tool like SparkToro to suggest similar sites.Or also a mix of Google Analytics + Similar Web. The first will tell you which sites are sending traffic to your site, while the second can give you similar sites.Tools to get out of the Duopoly Facebook GoogleThese sites are relevant to your brand and you might think then if you can include content or mentions in them. What to do on social media? In social networks, and once you have determined the messages that resonate with your audience, the tips are: Create organic content designed to get comments and shares. No likes. Maintain focus, do not deviate from the message and the audience person. Create content that encourages controversy or reinforces our message. Develop easy to consume, visual, digestible, and short content. With those tips, the goal is to create good organic content two or three times, and then insert a paid one, and again two or three good organic ones. What will happen with this is that we will make the algorithm work in our favor instead of against it. Email is MOST IMPORTANT
And beyond all this, Rand Fishkin points out that it is VITAL to focus on capturing emails from your visitors.


Because the open rate of email marketing is 252 times higher than Facebook engagement, on average. This means that you need an email capture strategy and yes, a periodic newsletter with which your brand stays in contact with its audience … and yes, you can also sell it … (If you want to delve into this tactic, Doppler is an extraordinary tool ). Doppler Marketing Automation
It is not about eliminating your shares in the Facebook-Google duopoly, but at least it is about building value from other fronts. If you want to keep up to date with articles like this one, which explain in detail how to create and communicate brands that inspire your audiences and develop better connections and conversions, you can receive the content delivered to your email door And if you need content creation services, training in digital marketing or reputation marketing, or advice for your business, give us a shout. We love hearing from you.

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