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Does my business have to be on Pinterest?


Does my business have to be on Pinterest?

In social networks, the important thing is to define a clear strategy and focus resources and time on those that will give us the best results. The world of social media advances continuously, 79% of Internet users use social networks , 78% doing it daily . Therefore, that our company, whether it is dedicated to B2C or B2B, must have a presence in social networks is clear, but currently there are many networks, should we be in all of them? According to the map prepared by buy data for cold calling Esteban and Francisco Quirós for the III Ibero-American Congress of Social Networks that was held last March in which the main Social Networks are shown, and the IV Annual Study of Social Networks published in January of this year by IAB Spain, Facebook continues to be the social network par excellence with 96% of use , followed by twitter, which has undergone rapid growth in the last year. On a professional level, Linkedin is the most used network.


Map_redes_sociales The Pinterest social network was launched in 2010, and is currently one of the most popular networks in the United States with 28 million users worldwide , 80% of whom are women between the ages of 25 and 49 . It is a tool that allows you to share and organize all those things that you like. Recently the news has come out that it will allow to share videos, recipes and products. It is the fashion , luxury , bridal and kitchen brands that are gaining acceptance in this Betting Email List , with exclusive images with creative content, avoiding commercial images. Currently in Spain Pinterest is an incremental network but with little penetration at the moment, therefore in response to the question, Does my company have to be on Pinterest? I would answer, it depends , depending on the activity of the company and the strategy to follow . It is important in social networks in addition to defining a clear strategy, to focus all our resources and time on those social networks that will give us the best results, as well as to monitor the rest of the networks that are on the rise in case there is a change in trend .

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