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Does design matter?


Does design matter?

Brands must be aware of the importance of the visual in the human brain. First the image and then the text.
The human brain is capable of processing visual information in just 13 milliseconds. On the other hand, a study carried out by the Investors Email Lists Fabra University and the Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) shows that, for example, the brain takes less than half a second to recover the word that the individual needs to pronounce in his speech spoken.

In other words, people are capable of perceiving an image before a word .

With this in mind, and thinking about brands and their positioning , it is essential to carry out the exercise of trying to put yourself in the minds of customers to try to correctly establish what we want to transmit based on codes and visual stimuli .

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It is that design and visuals go even one step further, being today a competitive tool for any Betting Email List. It is not enough to have a beautiful logo, it is not enough to have a layout that works for us, we have to have a layout that adds to the brand …

A good example is online visual ads : banners . It is not worth doing them just to be there (in fact, there are studies that show how banners would be almost completely ignored ), the idea is to stop and think how to contribute to your brand strategy .

In an environment as global as the one we live in, with increasing competition and brand identities so little differentiated, brand design can provide that point that makes the difference.

Because before they explain it to you, you’ve already seen it! And that not only requires an aesthetic part behind it, but also a strategy and a very clear objective of what you want to convey.

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