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Do you know Google Ad Grants? If you are an NGO, this interests you


Do you know Google Ad Grants? If you are an NGO, this interests you

The main aspects to consider when creating your campaign in Google Ad Grants, the version of Google AdWords for NGOs.
Google Ad Grants is the NGO version of Google AdWords , Google’s online advertising tool. The AdGrants program gives you $ 10,000 a month of free AdWords advertising and a great opportunity to give your NGO more visibility. In this post I collect the conditions of the program and some aspects that you should take into account before creating your first campaign in Ad Grants. Controlling Directors Email Lists Conditions:
• Monthly budget of $ 10,000, distributed in a fixed daily budget of $ 329.
• You can only create campaigns segmented by keywords , unlike paid advertisers who can segment, for example, by location (specific websites) and by topic (sites relevant to certain subject categories).
• The maximum cost per click (CPC) is $ 2. This means that no bids higher than $ 2 can be placed.
• Ads will only appear on search results pages.
• You can only create text ads.

Controlling Directors Email Lists

In addition, through the Grantspro program, you can access a monthly budget of $ 40,000 if the following results are achieved in Ad Grants (I quote): • Have reached the monthly budget limit (at least $ 9,900) for at least two months in the last six months (they do not need to be consecutive). • Have maintained an average click-through rate (CTR) on the account of 1% or higher in the last six months. By accessing the Grantspro program , you are also agreeing to share the data of your Betting Email List and conversions with Google, being for them an opportunity to promote a success story.

How to create an account:
Through the following link you can create your account in AdGrants. Two important things to keep in mind when setting it up: – Choose USD as the currency, regardless of the country.
– Skip the billing section in the registration form. To do this, select the option “Set up billing later.”

Why the structure of your account is essential
The structure of your account will help you to properly segment and optimize your campaigns. The first step is to define the objectives: generate brand awareness, generate web traffic, get newsletter subscriptions, attract donors or attract volunteers. Campaigns , ad groups and ads are defined from the objectives . It is recommended that each ad be associated with a different group of keywords. For example, you can create a notoriety campaign, a fundraising campaign, and a fair trade campaign to promote the items in your online store. In this way, by grouping the ads by search intent and keywords, you can accurately track the results, know what keywordswork better and optimize campaigns to improve results. It will also help you to optimize your SEO strategy and your content plan .

How to create a text ad
Select the campaign and ad group in which you want to create the text ad. Then fill in the form fields taking into account the character limitation. On the right you will see a preview of the ad.

Example ad text gemma3• Title: includes one of the keywords.
Example: Down Syndrome Day
• Description line 1: highlight something unique about your organization. If you add a period to the end of the text, the line will appear next to the title in the ad at the top of the results page.
Example: Help us to continue investigating.
• Description line 2: includes a call to action
Example: Collaborate with Down Medical Center.

What is the Quality Score and how does it affect the performance of your campaigns
As in Ad Grants we segment by keywords, Google will search for the match between them, your ad content and the landing page, and will show your ad if it is relevant . The position of the ad and the cost of each click will depend on the maximum bid you have established and the Quality Score , which precisely assesses the quality of your ad based on various variables, such as CTR, the relevance of your ad and the quality of the landing page . A high Quality Score can position your ad above that of your competition, even when your maximum bid is lower.

How much are you going to pay
In Ad Grants, advertising is free up to a maximum budget of $ 10,000 per month. As I mentioned before, the ad will only be shown when it is relevant to the user’s search and it will be positioned based on your maximum bid and your Quality Score. Once the maximum budget is reached, your ad will simply stop showing, so you will not have to pay anything.

How Ad Extensions Can Help You
Ad extensions are links that you can add to your text ads at no additional cost. They allow you to provide complementary information about your organization and will help you increase your visibility and CTR. There are three types of ad extensions:

– Call: provide your contact number.
– Location: add your address with a Google Maps marker.
– Sitelinks: add links to pages on your website that you want to highlight and that are relevant to your ad, such as “About us”, “Make a donation” or “Become a member”. You can also link to a crowdfunding campaign that you have created on a third-party platform, such as www.migranodearena.org.

For more information, you can download the Google Ad Grants guide for non-profit organizations from the following link .

If you are an NGO and have any questions, you can contact me. I will be delighted to share what I have learned about Google Ad Grants and what I have developed in my master’s project on the Catalan Down Syndrome Foundation .

If you are not an NGO but you collaborate with one or you know someone who works in the Third Sector, share this information. There are many NGOs that still do not know about this program and since Google is the search engine par excellence in our country, we must take advantage of this opportunity.

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