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Digital word of mouth


Digital word of mouth

The digital recommendation is a strategic need for companies as it is the best influence on the purchase decision of the female public.
A few days ago, P uro Marketing published an article presenting the results of a study carried out by trnd on 2,680 women to find out the most used communication channels when choosing a certain brand or product. The results of the study support the importance of recommendations in the habit of consumption, of word of mouth between clients and potential clients, which through their opinions influence the buy mobile phone number lists decision of the people around them. Are women influenceable? Well … it is proven that we are generally emotional beings; we live leaving rationality aside a little to make way for sensations. Thus, it seems logical to think that when we are in the purchase selection process we prefer to know the experiences of other people , trying to foresee what feelings these products or services will cause on us.MOUTH TO MOUTH


But these people who tell us about their experiences, what path have they followed since they met the brand until they recommended it? When the potential market knows the brand, if the products or services it offers meet their needs in a satisfactory way, that market will take the brand into consideration . he preference will be reached when there is a competitive, differentiated or exclusive advantage, and it corresponds to the client’s main purchase motivation. Finally, the brand will be recommended when after the shopping experience, the Betting Email List considers the product relevant enough to promote it. This act makes many other potential clients who are in other phases of the journey rapidly advance positions towards the purchase. The study shows that more than 92.3% of women have chosen a company because they have heard or read a good experience from another person. Thus, digital word of mouth becomes the best influence on the purchase decision of the female audience .  In addition, women like to share our shopping experiences: more than 98% of those surveyed had recommended a product, service or company. It will therefore be a strategic need for companies to find these people to turn them into a powerful and effective communication channel . Wouldn’t it be interesting to exploit online channels for the dissemination of experiences, taking into account that 85.8% of those surveyed had shared information on the Internet, blogs or RRSS? On the other hand, more than 88% look for reviews online before making a purchase decision. We have the two parties in the same “network”. Now there is a bit of digital involvement on the part of companies, since 80.2% of women, faced with an unknown brand, resort to their website before purchasing their products. At this time, the brand has direct responsibility for impact on the potential customer and must show its best attributes. The values ​​it presents must match what consumers associate with it. This step will only be a security check to verify the recommendation, but it can become an opportunity for recruitment by the company. WOMAN MOUTH2 In addition, women are very powerful commercials. 73.9% stated that they had changed someone’s opinion about the purchase of a product or service. At this point, we can highlight the power of female persuasion, doubt our influence, or simply recognize that each one plays its role for each product category. Brands must be able to convert their consumers into part of them , since the effect of a recommendation exceeds that of an advertisement. Now they have in their hands the possibility to use all the loyalty campaigns that they creatively consider to turn their customers into a great effective recruitment speaker .

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