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Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation, an opportunity or a threat for traditional markets?
The digital transformation changes traditional markets , those buildings that house different local food stores are still in Spain a retail sales Norway Phone Number List with great representation in the urban landscape of our cities, although with a clear loss of weight in the face of taxation. of purchasing models such as department stores, supermarkets etc.

Traditional markets today face the challenge of generational change and to make their offer compatible with the current lifestyle of the population and their consumption habits.

Against them they have weaknesses such as the difficulty of attracting new customers to regenerate those that are lost year after year organically. The hours are not very compatible with the habits of the current working population and the price of their products is above the average of their competition.

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Some markets have reinvented themselves by focusing on the world of restoration, offering an original and exclusive gastronomic proposal such as the Mercado de San Antón, the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid or San Cugat del Vallès to name a few.

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In its favor, the traditional market has an exclusive offer that no other competitor can offer: a high quality product, an exclusive selection, a great customization of the offer and a very personalized treatment . Also contributing to their favor are the upward trends in Betting Email List profiles that value the quality of products, their origin, the treatment and the information they know about them, even if this means paying a higher price for the product. A good example of this is the appearance of stores such as Veritas, Casa Ametller, or the direct sale of agricultural holdings to the final consumer, etc.

Thus, the traditional market today can offer a value proposition: a rich, personalized and high-quality shopping experience. The objective is to empower it to be able to make it reach that audience that values ​​it. And here I raise the question, can digitization help for that purpose? Without a doubt, it is a great tool that can help attract new customers and make the experience more flexible and adaptable to the current customer.

It is not about taking customers from the face-to-face model to online shopping, but about opening a new online business line to enhance the current shopping experience and make it more flexible through digital Marketing tools.

However, this challenge must be considered as a joint strategy of the different stores that make up the market to present themselves as a single offer on the online shopping platform. Thus the market can offer a wide variety of products to a larger segment of consumers to whom it can offer a FLEXIBILITY that it could not otherwise provide.

Through the platform, the customer will be able to buy online in different stores in a grouped way to collect in person from store to store, or grouped in a single collection. If you prefer, you will also have the home delivery service as supermarkets and large stores do. The platform also allows immediacy in the communication of offers and prices without having to go to the point of sale.

The main strengths of this business model can be enhanced through its online dimension, such as the customization of products. Customers and the stores themselves will be able to publish recipes on the platform that, through a tool, will be able to calculate quantities and units per serving, method of preparing the ingredients and ordering from the different stores in an integrated way. This and many other initiatives can enhance the main competitive advantages that traditional markets still have today.

Ultimately, the focus should be on attracting more customers and retaining them through dissemination in a wider channel to connect proximity with immediacy without going to the store being essential to inform, promote, sell, create community and above all, Get to know the client to establish a relationship with him beyond the physical space of the market. If we achieve the digital transformation, we will continue to enjoy the hustle and bustle of our traditional markets and the privilege of living with them.

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