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Digital Marketing in Food: Health or Fashion?


Digital Marketing in Food: Health or Fashion?

How has digital Lebanon Phone Number List affected the way we eat? They say that we are what we eat and, if not, we could ask all those people who share all their delicious delicacies on social networks, of course full of antioxidants, phytoestrogens and foods that could even make you fly or have powers, the so-called “superfoods ”.

The 21st century society is increasingly concerned about their health and nutrition. We live in the information age, and many times an excess of information can lead us to increase our doubts even more. And, how do we know who is right?

If I eat red meat, can it increase my risk of cancer? Does bread make you fat? If I convert to veganism will I be healthier?

Many of these questions have come to light as a result of the famous “influencers” in food, who through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs … have reached a large group of the population, bringing their knowledge (or, sometimes , ignorance) to our society.

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On the one hand, this can benefit us a lot, and it has been reflected in recent years. We are looking more and more at what we eat and how we eat it. “I need to increase my protein intake because I do strength training”, “I have to reduce my consumption of saturated fat to lower my Body Mass Index”, “I buy all the food in local stores, organic, organic …”, “I have eliminated the consumption of products rich in simple sugars because they can cause cardiovascular problems ”. And a great etcetera of cases.

But on the other hand, we have to think about whether all this information is verified through Betting Email List studies or, simply, they are experiments that these “influencers” do with us. Maybe it will work, we thought. “If I want to look like him or her, I will have to start eating the same.”

Many times social networks sell us a wrong image of reality, and that can cause many “followers” to endanger their health, without even knowing it.

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