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Digital content: how to get the most out of it


Digital content: how to get the most out of it

The creation of digital content on a regular basis is an important dedication for any type of company.Therefore, in this article I want to give you some recommendations to get the most out of your content, giving it a second life and creating wildcards that can get us out of more than one trouble when we don’t have new content to publish. Do you want to know how?list_altIndex of contents
1. Reoptimize posts
2. Take advantage of the content of other formats to create new posts3. And… vice versa! Create content in other formats from your articles.
In this article I will focus on three main keys to get the most out of your digital content. Take good note!1. Reoptimize posts
If you do not have time to create new content for your blog, you can carry out a re-optimization work of the existing posts.To do it in the most appropriate way, you will have to identify the following elements and correct them:Articles with outdated information. Analyze them in detail to update the information with the latest news and the england cell phone numbers that you have acquired since you published the post.Articles with resources to improve. On many occasions, certain resources, such as images, infographics, lists, compilations, videos or any type of support that you consider interesting for the digital content to work properly must be reviewed and even expanded.
Articles with many visits but with a high bounce rate. This happens when a post receives many visits but the user does not stop to read it, so a bounce occurs. It may be that the headline is very attractive but the content of the post does not meet your needs. In these cases it is advisable to redo the article again, taking advantage of the same headline and providing the information that the user is really looking for.


Articles with keywords that go down in position. This aspect refers to the content that we had managed to position among the first positions and that, for whatever reason (such as an algorithm change), has caused the loss of positions .
Articles with quality content without positioning. To solve it, it will be necessary to search for a keyword with better metrics and optimize the article around it.
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2. Take advantage of the content of other formats to create new posts
To create new digital content when time is scarce, you can use catalogs, corporate Betting Email List , events, trainings, etc., which you have attended or of which you have availability. Identify them and create new articles based on those contents.

For example, if you plan to participate in an industry event, collect the important information and write a post about the insights that come out in one of the conferences you attend.Another example would be when you write a technical post about that product in your catalog that attracts so much attention or that you want to promote. You have all the information there: give it another tone and reuse it in the form of a post.3. And… vice versa! Create content in other formats from your articles.
In addition to taking advantage of a type of content to create a new article, you can take advantage of your posts to generate content in other formats. Among the most prominent you wll find:Email marketing
Send your subscribers the most outstanding articles on a regular basis. To make the newsletters more attractive, you can play with the design to present your content in a more visually interesting way. A good example of this would be the type of newsletter that Convince & Convert sends regularly.Convince & convertLead nurturing
Use the articles to nurture your contacts through the email chains of your lead nurturing .Content – purchase process (own source)To determine what content should be included in the different nutrition chains, you will have to know in what phase of the purchase process the user is:AIDADo you already know everything about lead nurturing and lead scoring? Access the full PDF!
TOFU : it would be the upper part of the funnel and would cover the phases of the purchase process of awareness about the existence of a need and the research process. In this case, it would be appropriate to provide general content, of an informative and educational nature, to help users identify their problems or needs.
In the following image I show you an example of an email from Cerdanya Ecoresort with the subject “Are youa nature lover?”.
CER – Email TOFUMOFU : located in the middle part of the funnel, it could be compared with the decision phase. It could be considered as a good option to create more specific content that helps the user to solve their problem or need.
For example: “Do you know all the activities you can do in La Cerdanya?”.CER – Email MOFU-1BOFU : It is at the bottom of the funnel, which would be the decision and the action, and the content could offer a value proposition that identifies you as the best option.
In this case the example would be: “Why stay at the Cerdanya Ecoresort?”.CER – Email BOFUI recommend you take a look at this article , in which you can learn to create your own content map taking into account the different phases of the user’s purchase process and the characteristics of your buyer persona .New Call-to-action
This concept refers to the possibility of selecting an article that has caused a lot of interest among your readers and taking advantage of it to do an online training on the subject. Record it and add the link in the post as support material.A good example of this is the IEBS webinars , which they do quite frequently.Many of them are directly related to their products, an option that becomes an interesting way to generate interest in users by viewing a free webinar and, if they want to know more, they can do so by enrolling in one of the courses.AFF WebinarAnother example, the Affinity Vets & Clinics webinar , in which they discuss the content of an article and, once done, add a call to action to the post so that future readers can view the webinar as well.Infographics and images
Creating infographics and images from posts already published is also a good option to increase digital content.Neomam is a good example of this methodology with his infographic “Thirteen reasons why your brain craves infographics” . As is Google’s infographic on how a search works .Access the free template to create your content mapVideos
Recording videos explaining the content of the post complements the information we provide to the user and represents an added value of great relevance.InboundCycle article screenshot (video)At InboundCycle we have a YouTube channel where we publish videos about our blog posts. Do you know him?Another format that can work very well is the HubSpot Learning Center. It is a portal full of mini educational sessions on digital marketing concepts and tips for using the tool.Click and subscribe to our Inbound Academy on YouTubePodcast
Go ahead and make a podcast about your content! It is a complementary material, since, sometimes, as users, we do not have time to read, and it can be a very good option to spread the content of your blog and reach new audiences.I recommend you read this post about all the advantages of podcasts and how to implement them in your marketing strategy.Screenshot itunes MOzPozWe take Mozpod , Moz’s podcast, as an example , in which different SEO experts share insights on news and good practices.If you want to go deeper into the world of podcasts, I also encourage you to read this article entitled What is a podcast and how it can be used in an online marketing strategy.Dictionary
Surely your blog will be specialized in topics with specific concepts or terms in the sector. Collecting the different definitions of these concepts that are mentioned in all your content and creating a dictionary of your sector can be a very effective strategy to attract those users who are in the early stages of the purchase process.In InboundCycle, for example, we have an inbound marketing dictionary , in which we collect and define different concepts related to the sector, and which allows our buyer persona to resolve any doubts they may have.inbound marketing dictionaryAs you can see, there are many ways to take advantage of your digital content to get the most of it. The key is to create quality content and adapt it to different formats.And you, how do you take advantage of the content you generate for your marketing strategy? Let me know in the comment section!


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