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Digital communication strategy: 7 steps to build it


Digital communication strategy: 7 steps to build it

The 7 steps of digital communication
What will you find in this content?
What is a brand communication strategy?
What is a digital communication strategy?
1 A usable and purposeful website
2 Content Chairman Email Lists 
3 Actions in social networks
4 Email marketing tactics
5 Reputation Marketing
6 Influencer management
7 PR for publications in other media Conclusions
Did you know that it takes 5 to 7 contacts with your brand before someone remembers it? That, thinking that all impressions are good … Having a solid digital communication strategy and having the right spokespersons is key to obtaining good results.Spokesmen? – you will ask yourself -. Yes, because audiences increasingly believe less in what the brands say about themselves. This is why influencers are having so much success today.Companies no longer own their brands… people are; and its success or failure is defined by their perception of your business.What is a brand communication strategy?
A brand strategy is a comprehensive plan that focuses on the long-term development of the emotional impact of your brand. The strategy defines how your brand differs from the competition with a unique identity.They are based on specific objectives such as:

Chairman Email Lists

Increase awareness (or brand presence and awareness)Build positive perception Build loyalty
What is a digital communication strategy?A digital communication strategy is part of the overall marketing plan. It focuses on stacking all the components that drive good perception, thus achieving business growth, attracting potential customers and of course, sales.A digital strategy could include things like:
A usable and purposeful website
Content Betting Email List
Actions in social networks
Email marketing tactics
Reputation Marketing
Influencer management
PR for publications in other media
Normally these responsibilities fall on the figure of the company’s corporate communication director . Sometimes, when the organization is very large or the burden is very heavy, it is usually hired as support to an agency.This is in charge of following the guidelines given, to assist in the development of the digital communication strategy. The agency and the teams involved must be able to carry out all these activities in order to build a good brand perception in the selected audiences.
Let’s look at each of the components, with an example, in order to understand what should be done.

1 A usable and purposeful website
Purpose-driven brands create stronger emotional connections with consumers, which goes far beyond a transactional relationship.According to the 2018 Cone / Porter Novelli study, eight out of ten say they are more loyal to purpose-driven companies and that they even make recommendations to others to buy products from those companies; 66 percent indicated that it is even a factor to change brands and more than half (57 percent) would pay more.In this framework, it is not uncommon to see campaigns such as Gillette , Adidas , Lush , Kraft … and when we talk about a site, we do not necessarily refer to corporate – which can be – but they can also be sites like Toyota’s, Mobility for all .digital communication strategy: Toyota caseThis site is a beauty of design and aesthetics, and it is developed to show the purpose of the brand: mobility for all; and far from being an idealistic site it is extremely practical, showing that Toyota is working on a multitude of mobility solutions , not only for difficult city environments, but even for people with disabilities… It is impossible to visit the site and not feel that it is a brand that inspires.


2 Content Marketing
Leadership is not born from spontaneous generation … it is necessary to work on it. And no, we are not talking about being the top seller or being the biggest brand… we are talking about being the leader in the minds of your own audience with a category.Do you want an example? On this site we have talked about the case of Mr. Porter , the men’s clothing and accessories brand that has built its elite brand positioning by creating content about style for its target audience.You read that correctly … in a world of giants, Mr. Porter has become the personal valet of thousands of gentlemen with just content and a great website … could your brand do something like this in its niche?digital communication strategy: Mr. Porter case

3 Actions in social networks
No… it is not about selling. In fact, we will give you a piece of information that will leave you cold: of all digital channels, social networks have fewer conversions than: Google search, Google paid ads and e-mail marketing … so if you are betting your capital to sell through social networks, it is very likely that you will lose.However, networks are ideal for building a brand, because their main power is to create emotional bonds, making people share content over and over again. Nothing beats networks in it.Overnight, a video for example, can have more views than an ad that has paid a very expensive TV ad.
So the reflection is: You need to create inspirational marketing … or what is the same, give your audience something they want to see, see again, share and even acquire …And yes … emotions before rationalizations.So you want examples?See what TNT did with a clever hashtag (#VivaMexicoCuarones) on the night of the 2019 Oscars.Greenpeace has managed to move international companies with this power. Look at the number of ‘shares’ of your posts.And Greenpeace is a CSO … not a company!The power of social media to create conversations, to motivate emotions and seed ideas in people’s minds, is unbeatable.

4 Email marketing tactics
Did you know that after social networks, the use of email is the most popular activity by Internet users in Mexico? And surely this phenomenon is repeated in many countries.Email is still the only way to instantly connect with a user base… It also has, after search and Google ads, the best rate of traffic and conversions to a site.In this framework, the one that a brand, regardless of its size, develops a newsletter with which it can maintain contact with its audience either weekly or biweekly, is one of the best ways to continue building a brand in their mind.Doppler , extraordinary email marketing service providers, do this by inviting through emails, webinars and other events, showing that they have a good understanding of the topic of inbound marketing: You have to deliver value before you take it.E-mail as part of the digital communication strategy5 Reputation MarketingThe brand reputation is the perception that your stakeholders and the general public your brand, and if this is not what is desired, it is possible to adjust.
Reputation marketing is precisely the set of actions carried out with marketing tools in order to adjust the perception of your audience.It can involve everything from product development or tuning to advertising campaigns.There are many examples of reputation marketing . Remember the Oreo’s Gay Pride Cookie ?Oreo, reputation marketing examplesOr how about the recent addition of a wheelchair and prosthetic leg doll to the Barbie line?

6 Influencer management
Why is hiring influencers such a hot topic today? Because users believe more in their peers than in brands.It is not necessary as a brand to hire macro influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers; Trends indicate that niche micro-influencers (influencers with less than 10,000 followers) can achieve better results because they have greater credibility. This is more true with micro-influencers on Instagram .
According to Social Publi’s Global Micro-influencers Study, Micro-influencers have good audience engagement rates because they manage them more carefully.Micro-influencers in the digital communication strategyAnd remember that influencers are not only YouTubers … they can be bloggers, Instagramers, opinion leaders, among other profiles . The important thing is not the mass of users but the niche and the interaction.In its 2018 digital communication strategy, American Express used the Instagram influencer marketing tag with the hashtag #AmexAmbassadors to promote its Platinum card. The audience for this card is made up of high spenders, often managers and executives, so the contents emphasize luxury and exclusivity. They worked with celebrities and Instagrammers to spread the word.Example of digital communication strategy

7 PR for publications in other media
Finally, it should also be noted that PR can be a good tool within your digital communication strategy, in order to place your brand’s content in other digital media outside of it. Remember that what is said by others usually has more value than what is stated by the brand.In fact, brand reputation is formed by:Our personal experience with the product or serviceWhat the brand says about itselfWhat others (influencers, media, friends, etc.) say about the brand and its productsIn this framework, developing good communications and placing content in media related to our audience is valuable.PR for digital communication strategyConclusionsAs you will see, building a good digital communication strategy goes beyond having a good Instagram or just paying a PR agency to send the typical drawercommunications.While these actions can work, they are just steps on a much longer path that must be built in order for your brand to be present in the minds of your audience and gain a space that encourages better engagement, consideration, and ultimately sales.Lacking it and continuing to experiment with simple advertisements, in order to attract more audiences that don’t even know you, will most likely just mean wasted effort. The digital communication strategy is more than just advertising , but your brand will only benefit until you take the right steps.Ready to get started with your digital communication strategy or do you need a little help? If so, don’t worry, give us a shout out if you require consulting or training in digital marketing . We love hearing from you. And if you want to keep up to date with articles like this, and be part of the community of marketers or business owners looking to connect and inspire, you can have them delivered to your email door.

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