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Digital channels: exploiting opportunities in times of crisis


Digital channels: exploiting opportunities in times of crisis

The correct delivery of a product or service has become a key element for companies. It is not just about ensuring a fast, on-time and smooth delivery, but about being prepared for what is known as reverse logistics, with clear and transparent procedures that allow the customer to make a return or exchange of their purchase easily. and comfortable. According to Statista, electronic purchases of segments such as food and groceries grew more than 70% in the first half of 2020 globally, accelerating the digital transformation and home delivery projects of many traditionally physical companies.

On the second day #Next  Ireland Business Phone List , I had the opportunity to moderate the round table entitled ” Digital channels: exploiting opportunities in times of crisis .” The following experts participated in it:

Guillermo Corominas , CCO of MANGO
Daniela Goicoechea , co-founder of Brandcrops
Oriol Montanyà , director of the academic area of ​​Operations and IT at UPF Barcelona School of Management
Current criteria for selecting points of purchase
Corominas tells us that ” a trend that has been consolidated as a result of the pandemic is that we will no longer look at where most of the people are, but where most of” my “people are “. The sense of identification with a group will be one of the determining factors in the selection of the channel. Goicoechea affirms that ” we are getting closer and closer to being able to locate ourselves not only by mass but by interests “. Regarding the criteria of convenience, Montanyà complements the idea with the conviction that, ” in times of crisis and containment of spending, the price will once again be among the most important determining factors when choosing the point of sale “.


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Key elements of excellence in an omnichannel strategy
Omnichannel is a strategy that integrates marketing, operations and technology, through all channels to communicate, sell and retain customers thanks to them.

According to Montanyà , “it is important to understand what part of my business is physical and what part is digital and to be aware that the experience will be made up of a digital part and a pure analogue part “. Goicoechea maintains that ” a key element for an omnichannel experience is not forgetting that there will always be people, so emotions are fundamental “. Corominas indicates that ” data management is key in these strategies and companies must pay special attention to the incorporation of optimal tools and analysts prepared to understand and take advantage of the data “.

Omnichannel… “coffee for everyone”?
It is important to make a balance between all the channels always thinking of a strategy that responds to what the customer asks for. Montanyà maintains that ” omnichannel, well understood, is a path of no return since it integrates all the Betting Email List channels, but that it is not necessary to turn the digital channel into a kind of” unquestionable imperative “. Goicoechea agrees that ” there is still a lot of ground for the physical channel and we must be with our eyes and ears very alert to everything that is happening and begin to think about how to adapt to these customers who are looking for omnichannel experiences “. .

Accelerating elements of the digital transformation of companies
Montanyà argues that ” in the mass consumer sector, there are studies that suggest that” digital natives “are helping to accelerate and consolidate trends that were already underway and that purchasing patterns will change. In the future, today’s young people will not spend a Saturday shopping at the supermarket since they will do so digitally ”.

COVID-19 has also been a determining factor in the decision to accelerate digital transformation processes. A report prepared by the AECOC on purchasing and consumption behaviors during and after the pandemic, reveals that 20% of consumers began to make online purchases during the state of alarm and 17% of them affirm that they will continue to do so.

Always look for the opportunity
Personally, I have always maintained that in times of crisis there are people who cry and people who make handkerchiefs. A crisis is, many times, an excellent opportunity to change course, reinvent ourselves and dare to do what we had been leaving for later. As learning from what was heard in this panel, we can conclude that one of the keys to the recovery and survival of companies and organizations will consist of understanding and adapting to new consumer trends, integrating channels to transform online services into something more durable and robust that can be used in the physical and virtual world.

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