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Digital branding: enhance your brand image through design


Digital branding: enhance your brand image through design

Branding is the key to achieving a powerful, consistent and easy-to-remember brand image for the customer . Its link to a strategy is essential to use a graphic line, identity and specific colors, among many other things.In this article I propose to analyze in depth the concept of digital branding and how design can be key to enhancing your brand image . Are you coming?list_altIndex of contents
What is digital branding?
Branding structure: the 5 key elements
The importance of a good style guide
Tools for digital design
What is digital branding?
Before launching a product on the market, it is important to have defined the identity of the brand , the target group you want to reach, the need to be uk mobile phone number and the communicative name.As we said, the branding of a  is always linked to a strategy . This is because it needs to use its graphic line, identity and chromaticism, among many other things, to implement it on the different platforms.Definition of digital branding
Guru of gurus, Tom Peters, author of the book The brand called you (“A brand called you”, in English) said: “Personal branding links your passions, your key attributes and your strengths, with a value proposition, leaving of course what differentiates you from others ”.
digital branding brand image the brand called youThis is a very good definition of what branding is: a process of creating and developing a brand, at a visual, auditory and interactive level (and, in this aspect, digital branding has a lot to say).Or, in the words of Tom Peters: “Personal branding links your passions, your key attributes and your strengths with a value proposition, making clear what sets you apart from others.”


The 4 Ps of branding
What are the keys to branding? We could categorize them into four main areas, the so-called 4 P’s of branding. Take note!Purpose : for a brand to have any chance of lasting and achieving a positive result, it must have a clear objective .
Profile : each brand that leaves its mark will be better or worse defined or outlined.
Permanence : you may have the two previous elements, clear purpose and very well defined, but if you do not leave it in the appropriate place, it will be lost like tears in the rain. In order for it to last in other people’s minds, you must make a memorable impact.
Depth : the more Betting Email List you show your qualities, and in the greatest number of means possible, the more depth you will reach and the more difficult it will be to forget your brand.
Branding structure: the 5 key elements
Branding is made up of five elements. I’ll detail them!1. Naming
A good name is still a competitive advantage over all those who do not understand the power of a name. Without a doubt, investing in naming is investing in creating brand value . It is important that the name is:NotoriousUnique
Long lasting
That evokes the essence of the brand
Legible and easy to pronounce
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2. Corporate identity
The corporate identity of a company is nothing other than its reason for being: what it is, what it does and how it does it . It is the sum of characteristics, values ​​and beliefs with which a company identifies itself, and thanks to which it differs from other companies, over time.3. Positioning
The positioning of a brand is the relationship , more or less strong, that exists in the mind of the consumer between the brand and certain attributes . We could say that branding is a process and that positioning is the result of good branding.4. Brand loyalty
The concept of loyalty is closely related to that of loyalty . We can say that the different actions that a brand develops to retain its customers are aimed at retaining them and making them more loyal.The secret for your audience to love your brand lies in constantly adding value in each of the key areas of your business. Keep it in mind!5. Brand architecture
When we talk about brand building, we talk about brand architecture. The benefits of a good construction of your brand are the following:It allows a company to organize different branding strategies for each of its brands.
Clearly identify the relationships and hierarchies between the different brands of the same company.
Optimize costs.
Discover opportunities for new products.
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The importance of a good style guide
The style guide is that (sacred) document that defines all the aspects that involve relationship with the brand image . A good style guide is key to maintaining consistency in all the places where your brand appears.Visual elements of the brandThe visual elements of the brand are the graphic representations of a company. These are projected to the public through a symbol or a special typographic design .

The combination of visual elements (communicative name, symbol, alphabet, colors and the signaling system) gives the overall appearance of the company and constitutes a very important physical expression in the markets in which it operates.A clear example of correct visual elements are those promoted by Coca-Cola : from the name itself, its characteristic retro-style logo, the red of its letters, the curve that underlines the name and the shape of its bottles are visual elements. unmistakable. Or not?digital branding brand imageSymbol
The symbol is the expression of the identity of a company , manifested through a graphic that represents it from the material point of view. By definition, the symbol is a material element that is instead of something else absent, with which there is no causal relationship and which it represents by convention. The symbol is the isologo.Apple can serve as an example in this case, since just by looking at the apple we already know what brand we are talking about.digital branding brand image symbolLogo
The logo is the name of the company . This can be formed by letters, abbreviations, figures, acronyms, etc. Many companies build their visual identity with a special typeface, adding the symbol to it. The logo and symbol constitute the identity of the company and, between the two, make up its physical personality.The Braun logo is its own name, without any symbol, but, in turn, its logo is the symbol of the brand.digital branding braun brand imageThe role of color in visual identity
Color is the other component of the physical personality of the company. The Color plays a distinctive role on the logo and the symbol is articulated. When deciding on a color for a company or a certain product it is important to choose the most representative of the product category.In fact, color is a good part of the secret to remembering a brand .”Typographic characters are magical. They not only communicate information about a word, but they transmit a subliminal message ”. Erik SpiekermannTypography
Typography is committed to being one of the strategic elements in building a brand. It provides character and style to the brand personality in a strategic way.To choose the typeface that best suits your brand, it is necessary to keep in mind the objectives and values ​​that your brand advocates. It is interesting that when we start with this point we have a little vision in terms of trends . This will help us to be in tune with the context and the place.he common sense is also very important at this point because, for example, if our brand wants to convey seriousness, you’d better use sources “serif” (eg, Linotype, ITC Century and Caslon). On the other hand, if we want a modern and fresh touch in our brand, it will be better to use “sans serif” fonts (for example, Helvetica, Avant Garde and Univers). It is true that this is not a norm and many times this is the other way around, with which we generate much more impact on our brand.

The New York Times is one of the most representative examples when we talk about fonts:digital branding brand imageTools for digital designLuckily, digital design has a host of tools. Without a doubt, the most prominent ones are those of the Adobe pack, but there are some other alternatives:Adobe Pack
Among the editing, creativity and design programs of the Adobe suite there are, among the most used and well-known …Photoshop (editing and compositing of photo designs, website and mobile application designs, 3D images).
Indesign (content layout).
Illustrator (vector graphics and illustrations)
Premiere Pro (editing multimedia files in their native format and creating film, television and website productions).
After Effects (creating motion graphics and visual effects for movies, TV, videos, and websites).
The alternative to Adobe
As alternatives to Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator we would have some payment options , such as Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer . As for the free software options , there are several programs that allow handling for all levels. The brother of Adobe Premiere Pro would be Filmora and that of Adobe Experience Design would be Invision.There are also programs such as Canva , which includes a large number of functions, effects and tools , which allow users to add and create texts or images, as well as adjust images as they see fit.After this in-depth analysis of what digital branding is and the importance it has on your brand image, you will have seen that the best way to continue giving value to your brand is to be in permanent construction, up-to-date with trends.In this way, it is essential that a brand adds value and stands out from the rest, as well as that it creates a bond with the people it is targeting. Consistency and common sense during the construction of the brand will be your best allies.Do you have any other recommendations? Do you want to tell me about your experience or any essential lesson you learned when you had to create your brand? Share it with me in the comment section!

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