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Debunking myths: what is the relationship between SEO positioning and email marketing?


Debunking myths: what is the relationship between SEO positioning and email marketing?

One of the most common questions among those of us who do digital marketing is: does email marketing influence web positioning?We know that every digital company wants to improve its SEO positioning . Day after day we carry out actions that help us convince the search engines that we should appear in the first results. Is one of these email cell phone number lists usa ?Today I reveal to you the true relationship that values ​​two of the most efficient techniques of digital marketing. We started!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Why incorporate email marketing to convert and retain more customers?
It is not news that email and automation marketing is the most profitable digital technique on the market . Incorporated in most digital strategies thanks to its unbeatable return on investment, emailing facilitates direct, fluid and relevant communications.Through an email, brands or companies can not only offer their products, services and increase their sales , but also generate lasting links with their database. This is achieved through shipments that take into account what the buyer persona expects and, fundamentally, that arrive at the right time to make that desire real.


New Call-to-actionIncreasing the effectiveness of a digital strategy is easy when you complement email marketing campaigns with multiple channels. Integrating the platform you choose for your shipments with other applications will allow you a better synchronization, analysis and processing of the information you obtain from the different channels that you have simultaneously active.Furthermore, emailing has it all to simplify the task of accompanying the contact through the entire conversion funnel. The email marketing automation involves flows emails that are automatically triggered when the compliant contact with certain criteria that you define: If you have made a click on a specific link, if you have subscribed to a list, if it meets the condition of living in some city, country or province, and so on.You can implement this type of campaign with a free account from tools such as Doppler . The criteria are defined by you, and what you will achieve is to save time, money and effort by sending personalized messages under the premise of “action-reaction” that will lead the user to perform the action you want.If you haven’t yet enjoyed the benefits of email and automation marketing, read on. You will be surprised to know how, in addition to simplifying the management of your communications and improving your business results, it can have a very positive impact on your SEO positioning .New Call-to-actionHow to conquer your place on the internet?
Search engines have given us the challenging task of working to satisfy them. In this giant and dynamic world that is the internet, what will never be lacking is traffic. What these giant search engines do is regulate it. How do they do that? Establishing good practices for all of us who have a website to follow.SEO is about a set of techniques and actions to achieve that good organic positioning. We can say that it will happen naturally if we meet the requirements of these search engines : for this we must keep our websites up to date and have a clear strategy from the beginning.As we well know, this task is not done once and for all, but requires continuous work. Effective actions to improve our presence on the web there are many and very varied. Surely you are using one or more at the same time, but as important as putting them into practice is also updating them so that your site does not lag behind in the search results.Do you know the power of email marketing to help you improve your presence on the internet? Time to find out!

5 ways email marketing impacts SEO
There are several factors that show the positive effect that emailing has on the metrics that will determine the online presence of our website. For example, did you know that 4 out of 10 visits to your blog that come from a link contained in an email are more likely to leave you comments ? This is what Neil Patel says when he lists the best practices to get your subscribers to comment on your blog articles.And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The email marketing helps a site gain authority for seekers of 5 ways :1. Generate more searches for your brand
One of the advantages of an email marketing strategy that is based on a fluid and timely communication with your contact base is the possibility of improving your top of mind. In this way, gaining a privileged place in the minds of your consumers will affect the branded search of your site.Download your free guide How inbound marketing can contribute to the branding of your company2. Guarantees a boosted reach thanks to social networks
Including share and follow buttons in your campaigns allows you to reach more users on social networks. It’s about increasing the reach of your content, your products and your offers on your social profiles, to invite those fans and followers to come to your website. This way you will gain more visibility!3. Provides optimized on-site engagement
When your shipments are well targeted and you maintain communication based on relevant content for your database, you will be bringing qualified contacts to your site.This will make it more likely that their behavior on your website has a positive impact on your SEO, since it will have a longer reading time and permanence, more clicks on landing pages and more interaction with your internal pages. The chances of them leaving their data in a form will also grow.4. Generate more recurring visits
One of the great advantages of email lead nurturing is that, after a good campaign, the next step is super straightforward. When your content is relevant to your target audience, directing them to your site becomes simpler. With attractive and frequent campaigns you will increase the recurring visits to your website.New Call-to-action

5. Create an effective content strategy
The possibility that emailing offers to test different pieces and elements of content helps to know what the target audience expects. Performing A / B tests by changing subjects, colors, designs, buttons, among other things, serves to discover more than the performance of our shipments. Ultimately, it will allow you to know what will work best to capture the attention of your customers, even on your website. Betting Email List the ties that link email marketing with SEO positioning puts the focus on the need to create omnichannel strategies . It is no longer enough to implement isolated techniques, especially when the desired result is the same: to achieve the growth of your business in the digital environment .Your emailing strategy can do a lot for you, what are you waiting for to implement it?

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