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Data, the present is yesterday


Data, the present is yesterday

By Jordi Urbea

On many occasions, when I am asked about the keys to the future of advertising, I perceive a certain surprise when my answer has Data as the protagonist . A publicist talking about data? Where are the brainstorms with little more than dantesque proposals, the creative ideas between smoke and drink in the Mad Men style or the catchy gingles that remain perennial over time, some must ask. My reply does not vary: Data is the way. It is not a futuristic vision, Data is present. The campaigns will be hyper-personalized or they will not be and for this we need to apply technology and Big Data .

The need to bet on Data in the world of communication and Italy Business Phone List is imperative. This is how I ratified it in the conference on # Next Marketing that I was able to moderate, under the title ‘ Data: Hyperpersonalization, Privacy and Ethics ‘ , with the following experts:

Nico de Salas, Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Zeotap .
Luz Parrondo, Director of the Finance and Control department at UPF Barcelona School of Management , of the Master in Financial Management and of the Postgraduate in Blockchain
Juan Manuel Tabero, Chief Information Officer of Caixabank Payments & Consumer
The win-win of hyper-personalization
Aware of the importance of a good use of the Data that we have on the user, the three speakers agreed to highlight how society has accepted that the major players have our information.


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“ When something is free, it is synonymous with the fact that the product is you. When using any application, we accept and consent that the information we generate will be used. The alternative is not to be present, but then we would miss the possibilities that technology offers us , ”said Juan Manuel Tabero . Along the same lines, Nico de Salas showed himself , stating that “ the objective of good publicity is for the user to fully understand the need they have and to accept that a specific product or service can help them satisfy it. What I want is to receive ads that are of interest to me and that is a fantastic advantage ”. An idea signed by Luz Parrondowhen he stated that “ if we want to move forward we must seek the user’s collaboration. If the intention is to provide a beneficial service for both parties, a win-win, we can do it by mutual agreement ”.

Under his judgment, therefore, we can affirm that we have accepted the challenges of the game, based on the idea that we must use technology to our advantage. Betting Email List Aware that there is a wide margin for improvement in its daily application, we aspire for brands to approach us in an attractive way and make it easier for us to make decisions about what we want. “We must humanize the data and give it common sense ,” the Chief Information Officer of Caixabank Payments & Consumer signed .

A responsible and conscientious use
Reflecting with the three speakers, we all agree that there is a fine line between what can be considered ethical and what cannot, highlighting the importance of respecting this limit to obtain the necessary trust on the part of the user. “ Using the data for a transactional purpose is less dangerous than doing it for a transformational purpose such as the political one. The regulation must be very strict and make this differentiation ”, detailed the Senior Enterprise Account Executive of Zeotap.

Personally, I agree that ” the crux of the matter lies in achieving the desired balance between security and privacy, ” as Tabero pointed out.

In the session we also addressed the emergence of multiple and diverse technology, such as Blockchain. Regarding its impact on the world of marketing and Data , Luz Parrondo expressed that “ personal data is the most valuable merchandise we have. Therefore, we need a channel that allows all of what we generate to be managed and controlled by us. The Blockchain is going to be the platform that allows users to unite with the data and content, making it the owner of the data and making it possible for them to manage it as they see fit ”.

With the data exposed, it is clear that betting on Big Data should be on the agenda of any company as soon as possible. We do not talk about the future, we do it about the present.


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