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Data analysis: Protagonist of Digital Marketing


Data analysis: Protagonist of Digital Marketing

What is data marketing?

The era of the digital world is passing and customers spend so many hours behind a device that they cannot imagine the amount of relevant information that they are leaving at the disposal of Bangladesh Phone Number List , it is for this reason that today data marketing is essential to take the best decisions that optimize the company’s results.

While it is true that the data is a compilation of information, it should not only be sought a solid interpretation that provides improvements within the company, we must see it as a number that represents and characterizes the behavior of a consumer, which can answer a series of questions that will help me to know and predict behaviors of my target audience which is the fundamental basis for any project, for this we need businesses to have a solid online marketing foundation.

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The data analysis every day has more weight within the decisions, since they provide different benefits that help to obtain much more precise information from our clients, which are later reflected in different strategies:

1- Digital strategy: Data analysis is necessary to have a clear understanding of the market in terms of its competitors, target audience, tastes, desires, and needs.

2- Content strategy: to create content of interest to your target audience, it is necessary to obtain as much information as possible from them such as demographic information, behavior, Betting Email List evaluation of user experience, etc. What takes a complex analysis that determines the way, channels and moments in which you communicate with your audience.

3-SEO optimization strategy: In this sense, data analysis helps us understand how your clients search for the service or product in the different channels, that is, thanks to a good analysis we can discover the keywords, messages or even content such as the public asks for you through organic searches.

4- UX Strategy : User experience is a key factor for the business, what makes this experience satisfactory for the client is the design, structure, content, call to action, where the analysis of data collected from different channels , help improve that experience.

An interesting question is: How do we get this data? Today there are different tools that fulfill different functionalities or even work with each other to find more specific information that offer excellent results in digital marketing.

Top 5 of the best analysis tools for digital strategies

1- Hootsuite : Monitoring, scheduling and analytics, which can be linked to Google Analytics to obtain deeper data about your audience.

2- Google Anlytics: It is a tool of great value since it gives us very useful information for the good performance of a campaign.

3- Marketo: Offer relevant content for each audience so this tool helps the good management of email marketing campaigns.

4- Ahrefs: Competitor analysis is always important so this tool offers you very specific data about where your competitors’ traffic comes from, among other important KPIs.

5- Facebook Ads: The data collected by this social network is gigantic so it is very important to analyze it before making any decision.

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