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Customers who have a positive experience with a brand tell their friends


Customers who have a positive experience with a brand tell their friends

How to get consumers to speak -good- of a brand? Companies have tried everything: from trying to create content as viral as possible to encouraging the writing of reviews, but in the end, the most effective way to promote a brand is as simple (or as complicated) as providing a good service and letting Customers are the best ambassadors. This is revealed by a new Verint survey among more than 18,000 consumers from 9 different countries, which highlighted that 82% of customers had recently had a positive experience with a company. And what is considered a good experience? The one in which one finds fast and personalized attention. The get a chinese mobile number show that a simple, fast and effective service is the most important thing for customers, but that they also value personalized experiences, where the company seems to understand who they are and what they want. Of course, this desire for personalization is opposed by a certain suspicion towards the use of data by companies. When respondents had to choose between two phrases (more or less opposite), they did it like this: 52% chose “I like it when the service suits me and my interests” and 48% “I am concerned about how my data is used “. Similarly, 51% said that customer service was an experience that should reflect them as a person, and 29% preferred to consider that same customer service as a mere transaction.


But one of the most interesting points of this study is that it shows that customers are willing to “reward” those companies that offer them an excellent experience. The majority (61%) talking about it to friends and family, while 38% would also write a positive review. Other options that are around 20% are joining the loyalty program, buying other products even if they are more expensive than other options, or Betting Email List more frequently with the company. Below would be to talk about them on social networks (17%). And curiously, only 15% of those surveyed would not reward the company in any way. Word of mouth is the main source of influence in purchasing decisions The truth is that the way customers have to reward companies that offer good experiences is the most effective for them. And there have been many studies that have shown that word of mouth is the main source of influence in purchasing decisions. Thus, a recent report by the consulting firm Nielsen revealed that 3 out of 4 Spaniards consider the recommendations of family and friends as the most reliable “advertisement”, and 8 out of 10 follow the advice of their relatives at some point. Customers are, therefore, brand and product prescribers, and their influence goes beyond any promotional activity of the company. All the more reason to take care of the customer experience above all things. What bothers the consumer We have already seen what the customer considers a good shopping experience, but it is important to also know what it is that bothers them and makes them change brands. The main reason to change is to find a cheaper alternative (for 31% of respondents), but many also cite the rudeness or disinterest of the employees (18%) or having to go too hard to get what is wants (16%). Very curious is also the 19% of those surveyed wo affirm that nothing would make them change their brand, although unfortunately for companies, unconditional loyalty is a minority. The report also points out that loyalty, yes, varies greatly by sector, being especially high for companies such as banks, telephone companies or services such as electricity or water, and much lower among retailers. Information sessions Masters Marketing and Branding UPF-BSM Sign up!
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