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Customer satisfaction survey: 5 questions you can’t forget


Customer satisfaction survey: 5 questions you can’t forget

Do you want to improve your service and you don’t know where to start? I recommend you implement a customer satisfaction survey right away . By getting to know your customers better, you can adapt the service so that everyone is satisfied and wants to repeat the experience or recommend your company. So … what are you waiting for to implement a satisfaction survey?list_altIndex of contents
Satisfaction survey: the importance of feedback to improve the service5 questions you can’t forget in your customer satisfaction surveySome tips to improve your customer satisfaction survey
Satisfaction survey: the importance of feedback to improve the serviceThe users and uae toll free number directory have more and more information about the services and products we consume. On the internet it is easy to find specialized websites, blogs and platforms with reviews, opinions and experiences of other users. Most of us, before entering a restaurant, booking a hotel room, buying a technological product or hiring a service, we first look at what scores and comments they have on Google or on other platforms. And this information weighs heavily in our final purchase decision .


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Whether you have responsibility in a company or you work as a freelance, you must go ahead and create channels and means through which users can give you their opinion about your services, as well as publish reviews and all kinds of information that serve as a guide to others. users. This will help you implement improvements so that the user experience is excellent.One of the most effective tools to communicate with your customers is through a satisfaction survey , as it will allow you to:Improve your products or services.
Detect market opportunities.
Listen and value your customers
Create management reports with relevant metrics to make decisions.
Would you like to know how to do it? Keep reading!5 questions you can’t forget in your customer satisfaction survey
Before going into the specific questions that you should ask, I would like to remind you that it is very important to adapt these questions to the product or service we offer and the audience we are addressing.It is also essential to define in advance the type of information we want to obtain and the relevant data that will most help us improve the service.Next, we propose what, in our opinion and based on our experience, are the 5 questions you should ask about in your satisfaction survey to be effective. Take note!CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle1. Questions about the product or service
This section is essential so that the client can assess essential aspects of our product or service:If the quality of the product or service is as expected.
Whether or not I would repeat the experience.
If you would recommend us to your friends or family, that is, to become brand lovers and ambassadors of our brand.
What has been your shopping experience.
We also can get specific information such as how many times you have used the service or product, how long have you known the company or since when is our customer.
Product question examples
It is important to ask the questions so that we obtain the relevant and well classified information that interests us.For example, we can ask you what you think about our menu of the day and give several closed answers to choose from: excellent, good, normal, average or bad.A good example would be this email from Vueling, in which the company asks its own passengers if they would recommend the Betting Email List of flying with them:Vueling-opinion
Or this other email from Back Market, sent when receiving an online order, in which the company also takes the opportunity to ask about incidents and offer its customer service:back-market-opinion (1)
2. Questions about the price
This section will help us to detect the level of customer satisfaction at a point that is usually very important in making purchasing decisions: the price .Some questions we can ask are:What do you think of the relationship between the quality offered and the price?
How often can you afford to buy our product or service?
Would you reinvest your money in our products or services?
3. Questions about the competition
Asking comparative questions of our product or service with respect to the competition can help us to know where we are in relation to similar products or services and, therefore, to be able to implement improvements that differentiate them from competitors.For example, we could ask what option our product or service supposes: if it is the first or if it has been chosen because another brand was not available.It is not necessary to make express mention of the competition, but it can be expressed in the following way: “If you think about similar products or services, what grade would you give our brand?”

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4. Questions about the employees who have intervened
Those people who intervene in the sale of a product or service and have direct contact with the client are one of the keys to the success of the company . Your level of involvement and professionalism can make the client choose us instead of another provider.Therefore, knowing the specific feedback on each employee can help improve their involvement and service. This can be accomplished with questions such as:How do you rate the care received?
How has it been treated?
Do you consider the knowledge of the person who has treated you sufficient?
Has the care you received inspired confidence?
Has the person who has cared for you understood your needs?
5. Open questions
Finally, we can leave a more open question at the end of the survey , which allows the client to express themselves in what we have not asked. This can include both suggestions and recommendations of what the company can do to make the customer repeat or improve their experience.This is a section that not all clients will complete, but those who have something else to say will be able to take advantage of it and feel valued.For example, in this survey on the Virtual Employment Fair organized by UNIR, a last section is included to give an open opinion:join-opinion

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