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Crowdfunding: a new hope


Crowdfunding: a new hope

How to launch a crowdfunding campaign is a question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves with a project in their hands.
The crowdfunding is an interesting alternative for those who want to finance their entrepreneurial projects from 0 or there are limited resources to do so.

At present it is one of the financing Board Members Email List that is most successful among the indies, the independent professionals of the video game sector. Chris Roberts’ acclaimed game Star Citizen broke all records (including Guinness) by reaching more than $ 100 million.

However, a crowdfunding campaign needs planning and a good design (plus a great idea behind it!) To have a chance of success.

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Which platform should you choose?
Like everything in life … it depends. The most successful ones in Spain are undoubtedly Kickstarter and Verkami . Both platforms are reward-based , that is, they reward the user for their donation through gifts or other types of rewards.

Until recently, having a project on Kickstarter was bureaucratic chaos that implied the need to have a North American partner to manage your campaign, but luckily the Betting Email List 
already operates in Spain. In case your project aspires to cross borders, Kickstarter is the best option, gathering users from all over the world and being the most active.

Verkami for its part is a crowdfunding platform born in our country and since its creation it has had enormous success in Spanish-speaking countries. Despite not having the same volume of users and projects as its American competitor, it is a very valid option for those who are going to launch a local project.

If neither option convinces you, maybe you should take a look at other forms of crowdfunding such as equity-based ( Crowdcube , Fundable ) or donation-based ( Youcaring , Giveforward ).

All for one and one for all
I know it is repetitive, especially in the case of a digital marketing blog, but again, in a crowdfunding campaign, managing our community is essential . Users are not only contributing money to your project, but they are also committing to its potential.

Don’t worry, it’s not a marriage, but almost. That implies that you must look after the interests of your backers. How? Create a blog explaining the ins and outs of your project, give regular updates on its status through the wall, answer user questions and always appreciate support when you meet a funding goal.

On the other hand, it is a must do to offer specific data on what you will do with the additional collection in case you exceed your final goal (in the rare case that you do not need it, donating it to an NGO is usually a very welcome option in community).

Finally, the good roll among entrepreneurs (with permission from the RAE) has effects that will surprise you. Feel free to share, promote and support projects that interest you: they will do the same for you!

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