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CRO STRATEGY: Tricks and methodologies


CRO STRATEGY: Tricks and methodologies

Learn how to improve your campaign landing and its conversions.
In my last post we could see how to optimize digital marketing campaigns in real time , Slovenia Phone Number List to increase the final ROI of the campaign. But once we have optimized the “PRE-CLIK” environment for each action, what do users do when they land on our landing?

The key to achieving the best possible conversion in a campaign is to have optimized the advertising through which the user accesses as well as the landing in which they land . For this, there are methodologies such as testing , which allows us to optimize our site’s landings with a few simple steps .

A strategic CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization ) plan must be defined beforehand . There, all the landings that are to be optimized in line with digital and business objectives must be strategically included.

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Testing methodology
Once we have detected the landing where we will send traffic through the campaign, we can begin to define, configure and activate an A / B or multivariate test .

The main phases that you have to follow are the following:

1. STRATEGIC DEFINITION OF THE TEST : establish the objectives for which you want to perform the test , the problem or need that has been detected and the inisghts that we want to obtain with the results.

2. VERSIONS OF THE TEST:: through the original version of the landing we can create alternative landings based on the variables we want to test.

For example, if we are in front of a recruitment landing where the only influential Betting Email List  is the Call To Action (CTA) of “Register”, the key element to test in this test would be the registration CTA, and therefore, it could be carried out a first test playing with a single specific variable (copy, colors, position …).

3. CONFIGURATION OF THE TEST : once we have created one or more alternative versions, we can start to do the test. The first thing we have to carry out (if we have already selected the testing tool that we will use) is to add in the code of the page , the snippet that will indicate the tool directly.

With this added snippet we already have the landing connected to the tool, and therefore, we can make the necessary modifications. We enter the test, create the alternative versions and manually modify the test elements.

4. ACTIVATION OF THE TEST : with the different versions created, the percentage of segmentation of users assigned to which we will show each version, and the configured CTR objectives, we can activate the test.

RESULTS AND ACTION: when a significant level of traffic is reached (something that the same tool indicates), we can stop the test, analyze the data, and if we have obtained different conversion percentages with a clear winning version, we can get into action and implement it!

Thanks to the new optimized landing, the users who arrive through the marketing campaigns will convert in a greater proportion than the version prior to the test, and therefore, in recruitment campaigns, the ROI and the effectiveness of each action Bell.

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