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CRM comparison: the 7 best on the market


CRM comparison: the 7 best on the market

Do you want your company to be able to sell more in less time, automate routine tasks to reduce costs and offer a better service to your customers? Those are just some of the advantages of a CRM. Below I will tell you in more detail the benefits it can bring to your company and I offer you a comparison of CRMs so that you know which one is the best for you. Keep reading!list_altIndex of contents
What is a CRM and what is it for in your company?
What are the benefits of a CRM for a company?
CRM comparison: the best on the market
What is the best CRM on the market?
What is a CRM and what is it for in your company?
A CRM or Spain Phone Number List Relationship Management is a solution for managing the relationships of a company with its potential and current customers . The CRM stores information about these contacts and also all the interactions that the company carries out with them. This allows the company to carry out customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns more easily and efficiently.Specifically, a CRM affects these departments of a company:

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Sales : a CRM allows you to control and record all customer information to achieve better pipeline management and optimize the entire process of lead acquisition, negotiation and closing. That translates to more sales in less time .
Marketing : A CRM also helps companies to carry out a better marketing automation strategy , since it allows to eliminate manual tasks and create automated and personalized mail chains. In the end, it gives the Betting Email List  of impacting each client in the best way and at the best time to reach the same goal: to get more clients.
Loyalty : finally, a CRM also allows companies to offer a better service to their customers before, during and after the purchase.
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What are the benefits of a CRM for a company?
A CRM offers these advantages for a company:Centralized data : have all customer information in an organized and accessible way in a single database.
Coordination of multiple teams : having all the information in one place, the entire company can work together, which generates greater efficiency.
Greater productivity of your team : the fact of being able to automate those routine day-to-day tasks, especially planning and internal management, allows you to gain productivity.
Segmented, personalized and automated marketing campaigns : With the CRM you can segment customers to create personalized marketing campaigns. In addition, all this is done in an automated way to save time by eliminating manual tasks and gaining agility and efficiency.
Increase in sales : the fact of being able to have all the information of potential customers stored allows us to identify those who can become more profitable and also to optimize the entire negotiation and closing process to achieve shorter sales cycles and higher sales.
Better customer service : getting to know your customers better thanks to the centralization of data gives the possibility of offering them what they are really interested in , achieving greater loyalty .
Better reports and analytics : as a CRM stores all the information about your customers and their interactions, it allows to carry out very complex analyzes, which facilitates decision-making.
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And more specifically with data, as HubSpot shows in this article , a CRM allows all of the following:

On average, a CRM returns 5.6 for every $ 1 spent on it, which represents an ROI of more than 50%
It can improve the sales conversion rate of more than 300%
It can lead to an increase in customer retention rate of 27%
You can cut your marketing costs by 23%
Can increase profit margins by more than 2%
Interesting, right? Well after this introduction I will tell you which are the best on the market and I present a comparison between all of them.

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