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Creation of specialized content for inbound marketing strategies


Creation of specialized content for inbound marketing strategies

Content is one of the most important assets in inbound marketing, as it is used as a way to attract leads and potential customers .Through content creation, we seek to position companies as experts in their sector , although sometimes those companies that are part of highly technical or specialized sectors doubt how to successfully implement an inbound marketing strategy.In this post I will show you, through a case and real examples, how with the proper management and resources we can do it. Shall we start?
What is technical or specialized content?
When we speak of technical or specialized content, we refer to content whose main characteristic is the technicality or complexity of its creation or interpretation .Those that for their complete and correct understanding must be treated from a knowledge base about a specific science, art or sector.With the following example it will be very easy to create uk phone number . Keep reading!Example Case: Affinity Vets & ClinicsThe multinational dog and cat food company Affinity trusted InboundCycle to develop an inbound marketing project in 2016.Its main objective was (and still is) to get the mximum number of users of the profile “veterinarians who work in a clinic” with the intention of introducing them to Affinity products , especially those that can offer complete solutions to diagnosed health problems.New Call-to-action
The main feature of this project is content creation. As they are two clearly defined buyer personas in the veterinary sector, the topic offered on the blog is about veterinary medicine, which is why it seeks to offer very specific technical content that can serve as consultation, support and training as a recruitment asset.



How is the creation of specialized content carried out?
From the beginning, and following the example of Affinity, the firm chose to work with an agency specialized in health-related content to create the blog content and downloadable offers .Given the target audience and subject matter, it was essential that the blog’s content be of a high technical and quality requirement . Even using an external agency, developing this type of high-level specialized content involves more complex management and longer creation and review time, so anticipation is a key factor.Another option may be that the company itself Betting Email List the creation of these contents, since it knows its sector and buyer persona perfectly. In any case, for the creation of such valuable quality and technical content, a content agency is a good alternative to lack of time or resources, as long as a work flow is established, a direct and fluid communication and a high involvement of all the actors involved in its execution.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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How to manage the creation of these contents?
To manage specialized content, having a good organization, having a defined work flow and, above all, anticipation, are fundamental aspects. In the case of Affinity, several profiles come into play with an important role:Content creation agency . It has a team specialized in the creation of content in the veterinary health sector. She is responsible for the selection of topics for the blog and downloadable articles, and their creation and writing. They also contribute to the correct relationship of all materials.Client / Affinity . It has a very important role in the whole process, since from Affinity they review the selection of keywords proposed by the InboundCycle team, verify the themes proposed by the content agency and are also in charge of checking all the posts and materials so that they can be published.InboundCycle . Responsible for the management and coordination of all teams, and for the constant optimization of the published content.Optimizer . He is responsible for the optimization of blog articles. Its role is more limited than in more conventional projects, since as they are technical and complex issues, the one in charge of the content relationship is the content creation agency itself.Translator . Companies like Affinity have projects in several languages, so the intervention of translation agencies will be necessary to translate the base content created from the content creation agency.Work flow
For the correct publication of the contents, a workflow based on experience has been established, focused on the value of each of its phases and actors.Content creation WorkflowApproach : search phase for keywords or interesting topics for the buyer persona and thus be able to propose articles and downloadable materials. Based on the most read or best optimized articles, the new materials designed for download are proposed.Review 1 : review phase of the approach by the client.Creation : content creation phase .Review 2 : review phase of the content created by the writing team. This review is also carried out by the Affinity team.Optimization : content optimization phase by the ICC team or optimizers.

Publication : publication of the contents.Finally, the optimization and publication of content is a recurring task of InboundCycle, therefore, it is repeated over time.The key for this workflow to evolve correctly is that th actors that make it up form a joint team, which advances in unison towards the achievement of the project’s objectives. Keep it in mind!New call-to-actionOrganization
To correctly organize all the material and the different interventions of the team, we use an Excel as a worksheet . In it we list all the posts to work in a semester with the related information necessary for the whole team: images, texts, main keyword, theme, validation boxes for the different states of the materials, etc.This working document allows us to keep track of content creation and, in turn, to be able to easily visualize the status of the workflow. It is a shared document with the different components that participate in the creation of content.Example Worskheet_2Communication is an important pillar in the organization and evaluation of work. A monthly meeting and control calls (when necessary) have been established to assess the published content and its results, the workflow and the communication between teams.Problems and how to solve them
One of the challenges that has arisen during the management and publication of the specialized content in the Affinity project has been its correct optimization, especially the internal linking of the blog.Due to its technical nature, it is especially difficult to link the contents of the blog with each other and provide added value to the reader, since it is content aimed at a veterinary audience.For this reason, the linking of articles is done from the content creation agency . In addition, in monthly meetings, and on other occasions, it is used to give training brushstrokes to the InboundCycle management team and thus be able to link and optimize content autonomously.Working on the creation of specialized content to develop inbound marketing strategies becomes the best option to capture leads and new customers. For this reason, working with experts in the field, both by the client as expert writers or a content agency, in a well-organized way, with good planning and an adequate workflow will be essential for the correct implementation of the project.As we have seen in the case of Affinity , one of InboundCycle’s clients, since 2016 really promising results have been achieved thanks to this content strategy that is part of a global inbound strategy:


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