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Convince your boss to implement an inbound marketing strategy


Convince your boss to implement an inbound marketing strategy

If you are here it is because you understand the importance of inbound marketing and how it can help your company. Now, it is possible that you are not the person who has to make that decision within your company, but still you would like to be able to convince the director of your department of the need to implement an inbound marketing strategy. Where to begin? What arguments to use?Faced with this situation, it is normal for you to have a large number of doubts that you have to resolve before transferring your proposal to the person who makes the decisions. Can I give you a hand with them?list_altIndex of contents
Steps to convince your boss to implement an inbound marketing strategy1. What are the pains of your company?
2. When does it make sense to do an inbound marketing strategy?
3. What results can you expect?
4. How to define the deadline to achieve your results and clarify it with your boss?
I’ve been working on InboundCycle for two years now and I understand that it can be difficult to explain what inbound is and differentiate it from other digital marketing strategies.

In my experience, knowing what results you can get and what actions you should prioritize are two of the most worrying issues. If you also have these doubts, my goal with this post is to solve them so that you can firmly defend the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy in your company.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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First of all, let me answer one of the most common questions: what is the difference between SEO content strategy and inbound?The SEO as well indicate its acronym, is the Search Engine Optimization , a technique that is based on how you optimize the content of a website with the purpose of search engines to the index it , you will position best . It is a very important job for all web pages in general, but, especially, it is important to work on it in ecommerce that publish new tabs on a recurring basis.For its part, inbound is a methodology that is based on delivering the right content at the right time and context . In the digital environment, we will use SEO to reach this end, but always keeping in mind the purpose, which is to accompany the user on their customer journey .Steps to convince your boss to get a dubai phone number an inbound marketing strategy
Once this is explained, let’s move on to see how you can convince your boss to go inbound. To do this, I would like to explain four basic points that you must master in order to better convey the importance of making this type of investment.First we will see the importance of defining your pains and to what extent it can help your business; Then we will move on to the type of project that you should choose based on your objectives and, finally, we will study what are the possible results of an inbound project. Let us begin!


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1. What are the pains of your company?
The ” pain ” is the reason why a user could use your product or service , they are those pain points that make them move to find a solution. It is essential to know the pains of your potential client, since this allows you to focus both your marketing strategy and your commercial Betting Email List .On the other hand, it will also allow you to know what are the alternatives to your product that users have. Once it is clear what pains are, there are three points to keep in mind.When should you proceed to define pains?
The definition of pains of the buyer person is one of the first things you have to do. In the case of starting an inbound project, it is essential to have a first phase of strategy definition. How do we usually approach it in InboundCycle? We start our projects with two months called “start-up” in which we proceed to a buyer persona consultancy and content approach.What is the use of knowing the pains of your buyer persona?
Knowing those pains can be very useful for several reasons:

Focus the content strategy to solve these problems.
Adapt your commercial speech.
Focus your competitive advantage on managing customer concerns.
Adapt your product to solve these problems.
How to define it?
What are the steps to define the pains of your potential client? Many companies start from scratch and it can be difficult to synthesize these customer concerns.It is essential that the sales and marketing departments can work together in this regard . There are more and more movements that promote collaboration between these two departments, as you can see in this article on sales enablement .To achieve this cross-department alignment, there are two fundamental steps you can start with:Have a joint meeting between sales and marketing to brainstorm frequently asked questions from users and how they use the product.
From this brainstorming, define what are the main uses of your product / service and 3-4 pains per buyer person.
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2. When does it make sense to do an inbound marketing strategy?
The second point to ask yourself is when dos it make sense to start with an inbound marketing strategy.inbound marketing strategy convince your bssThere are many different digital marketing strategies and it can be difficult to know which one is the most appropriate for your business and context. You can find yourself in different situations when you need one strategy or another.Next, I am going to review 5 different cases and the possible formats that can fit you to reach objectives. In the event that your company is in another situation, do not hesitate to request a free diagnosis from one of our inbound consultants to help you define priorities without obligation.Situation 1. I have a website but I have no traffic and I don’t take advantage of it
In this case, your priority should be to build a sustainable traffic channel over time, that is, organic traffic. To do this, what I would advise you is:Start working on content aimed at your buyer persona in a blog format, for example, to increase your organic reach and become a benchmark in the sector.I would also recommend that you capitalize on the traffic that reaches your website through some valuable content. In this way you will be converting your visits into a database. This will help you:
Know your audience.
Establish a conversation with your users to accompany them in their purchase process .
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