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Convert followers to customers, one click at a time


Convert followers to customers, one click at a time

There are over 1 billion Instagram users, but why should anyone follow or buy from us?
What will you find in this content?
Tips to convert followers into customers on Instagram
Spread the word that you are unique
Give them a reason to come back
Mix things up
Adapt in time
Convert followers into customers
Build and feed your community
Using Instagram personally can be fun, but doing it with the benefit of our business is a Taiwan Phone Number List different matter entirely. It’s not about trying to be influencers, posting cool selfies or images, but about attracting followers … and converting followers into customers … and yes, that is done one click at a time. We will tell you about a case that you can surely put into practice for your own purposes.

According to the FastCompany interview , Sierra Tishgart, a former food writer and editor, had dedicated her entire career to iconic kitchenware brands like Le Creuset and Calphalon . He admired their quality and durability, but felt they were targeting a consumer with whom he didn’t have much in common. The pots and pans were too “perfect” for traditional life and, above all, too expensive.
So she recruited her friend Maddy Moelis and the two started Great Jones in 2018 with a mission to create colorful and affordable kitchen utensils that would cater to other millennials like themselves.
1st insight to take into account: Sierra knew the market well given his experience and this fact allowed him to detect an unmet need and therefore a business opportunity.Entrepreneurs understood that millennials don’t need 18-piece sets made for large kitchens; they wanted high-quality products, but fewer parts than a full set. Nor were they likely to spend $ 400 on a single piece of kitchen equipment. So Tishgart and Moelis built their Great Jones product line to reflect that: four pans and a cast iron Dutch-style container that comes in seven bright colors.

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2nd insight to take into account: Sierra and her partner designed a product according to the client’s needs. They took the opposite path that many businesses do, which first create the product and then want to push it to market.How Innovative Cookware Company Great Jones Is Using Instagram To Build A Powerful BrandTishgart and Moelis also understood that a winning social media strategy would be essential to attract their key demographic. That’s where Instagram and your @greatjones account come in .We knew the importance of Instagram and we have invested [in it] from day one
ierra Tishgart 3rd insight to take into account: Sierra used social networks, not as an instrument of vanity, but as a business tool because he knew that his potential clients were there.Sierra shares some tips on using Instagram to build a successful business.

Tips to convert followers into customers on Instagram
Spread the word that you are unique Rather than compete with established brands that have their own signature styles, Tishgart and Moelis focused on what sets Great Jones apart. Scroll through Great Jones ‘Instagram feed and you’ll find inspiration in the purest style of’ 70s architecture magazine design, masterfully organized product promo photos, and even a photo of a dog dressed up as a lobster. This kind of organized chaos has helped them find their own voice… their own personality. There are more than 100 million accounts on Instagram. We always wonder, why should anyone follow us? ‘ If you can ask yourself that every day, it forces you to be hungry and create a smarter social presence.

TishgartGive them a reason to come back
Great Jones’ Instagram Stories strategy is equally unorthodox. Tishgart likens the brand’s narrative approach to television shows that leave you wanting to see another episode.There is great power in repeating the frames of a story. Tishgart Take, for example, your research from old cookbooks. Every week, Great Jones makes his way througold-school cookbooks, from one sharing Sophia Loren’s entertaining secrets to a tattered tome on the joys of cooking with a blender; and post your highlights on Instagram Stories. The episodic effect has drawn in new fans and kept old ones coming back for more. They have basically become micro influencers at Inistagram .Instagram strategy to convert followers into customers This tactic allows us to be a form of entertainment, it is something that our users look forward to every week. We think about how that capacity for craving allows us, as a small business, to really scale our ideas and content.TishgartExperienceTishgart and Moelis also leave room for community comments and testing new ideas on their feed.We see Instagram as a critical tool for incubation. It’s a relatively low-risk, low-cost place to test new ideas and brand partnerships.

Rather than dedicating the resources necessary to create a flawless video, they dabble in different topics and gauge audience reaction. “It allows us to take the temperature of what our audience likes before committing to a professionally produced video series.”Tishgart
Instagram is something of a rehearsal kitchen for Great Jones, and not everything is a success, but it gives them the ability to engage in trial and error, a process that has been critical as their Instagram presence matures.So more than analyzing Instagram market studies to take them as an infallible recipe, it is necessary to see what works with your audience and what doesn’t … Not all audiences are the same.
How to convert followers into customers on Instagram?Mix things upOne of the first things you’ll notice about Great Jones’ Instagram feed is that it doesn’t display the same image style over and over again.
We share user-generated kitchen photos, editorial shots we produce, retro and nostalgic shots of kitchens and celebrities, and date cards in equal measure.Tishgart“That has positioned us well in the long term, as we can easily keep our food fresh. If we only post overhead cooking shots, people will probably get tired of us quickly, ”says Tishgart.

Adapt in time
Tishgart’s background in food writing makes her a keen observer of food culture, a skill that she puts to good use on the site. The public used to be initially interested in the finished product; now they also want to see how a dish is combined. “We’ve made the switch on Instagram from making avocado toast to making a meal that you cooked yourself,” she says. People really want to show their efforts in the kitchen, and that’s something to be proud of – that you created something with your own hands. It speaks of a broader shift of people yearning for the authenticity of social media platforms.
TishgartConvert followers into customersTishgart and Moelis understand that Instagram is not just for sharing photos and videos; for them, it is the center of their business operations. Purchase labels are a central part of that strategy; allow them to avoid uploading photos with scandalous or invasive promotions. “We really believe that the Instagram feed should be used for more than selling and promoting products,” says Tishgart. “Shopping labels do a lot of that work for us.”
How to convert followers into customers?Here you can see how the Shopping mode on Instagram works and how to activate it.

Build and feed your community
By putting Instagram at the center of its operations, Great Jones has built a community on the platform, one that has grown to more than 30,000 people in just over a year. Tishgart and Moelis regularly post images of their followers. But they believe that fan participation represents something beyond “content.” “It also allows us to really build relationships and identify our strongest clients, people who we then interview and invite to our events and they are great people to learn from,” says Tishgart.”Instagram is where most of our customers discover us,” he continues. “But it doesn’t end there. “It is also where customers go for customer service through our DMs. It’s where we tell our customers about new products, events, and press coverage. If it’s not happening on Instagram, it doesn’t exist in our universe. “Tishgart
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