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Conversational marketing: what it is and why it will be a trend in 2020


Conversational marketing: what it is and why it will be a trend in 2020

How many times have you had to wait several days to receive an answer about a question or query about a product that interested you or a service that you were about to hire?When a potential customer is thinking of making a purchase, answering their questions immediately is essential for two reasons: on the one hand, to detect and resolve any pain points that the potential customer presents and, on the other, to increase their security and trust in us. cell phone number database for sale takes care of this and it is what I will talk about throughout this article. Let us begin!list_altIndex of contents
How Conversational Marketing Works
Advantages of conversational marketing
Why will it be a trend in 2020?
The Conversational marketing is a technique that allows a more direct communication with customers in order to obtain greater business opportunities. For this, the focus is on generating value by maintaining conversations in real time, more personalized, close and human. In this way, we offer the customer a greater degree of accessibility and establish a faster and more efficient connection so that they feel accompanied throughout the purchase process.


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How Conversational Marketing Works
As you may be guessing, getting to answer all the potential clients and current clients all the doubts they have can be complicated. In the case of companies that are starting, they may not have as much volume of inquiries but, even so, being available 24/7 is practically impossible.In the case of large companies, the volume of inquiries can be so high that it is impossible to attend to all of them in a personalized, fast and Betting Email List way. Faced with this, what options can be contemplated to achieve a good conversational marketing strategy, whatever your case may be?In general, there are different ways to implement conversational marketing in your business strategy. Take note!Chatbots
In recent years, chatbots have become quite a trend. If you still don’t know what chatbots are and how to get the most out of them , I recommend this post so that you can better understand how they work.In the case that concerns us today, through the creation of a chatbot and its integration into the web page, the user can start a conversation at any time and will obtain immediate answers appropriate to their doubts or questions thanks to their previous configuration.In addition, there is the possibility of being able to create filters to determine which users require more complex answers to be answered by a person, while those more frequent and routine questions can be resolved through an automatic answer. In turn, the implementation of chatbots allows us to nurture potential customers with relevant content to move them through the funnel until they are ready to make the purchase.

Below, you can see two real examples of how a chatbot is implemented within a web page and how, with this solution, users can start a conversation quickly.ChatBot HubSpotChatBot BruguerLive Chat
There is a variant of chatbots that are live chats. In this case, they are also implemented within the web page, so the user can start a conversation easily and, most importantly, in real time.Unlike chatbots, you won’t be able to see a list of frequently asked questions or relevant content here. On the contrary, you will be notified that in X minutes, company personnel will contact you to resolve all your questions through that same chat window.With this option it is possible that the waiting times for the user will go up a bit, since in chatbots immediacy is one of the main characteristics. However, more personalized and more complex doubts can be answered, so it is gained from dealing with the client.Direct Chat Media MarktWhatsAppIn the case of WhatsApp, the operation is practically the same as that of live chat. However, in this case the user can start a conversation without using the internal chat on the web. You just need to click on the WhatsApp logo and you will automatically be redirected to our company’s chat.If you are interested in knowing how you can get more out of this platform in your company, I leave you this article on how to integrate it into your marketing strategy .Whatsapp hannunFacebook Messenger
From Facebook they give us the option to start a conversation with our customers and with users who have questions about our products or services. For this, Facebook offers the option for the user to contact us through chat.In addition, there is the possibility of integrating the Facebook chat on our website, in such a way that it appears as a window in the lower right part of the website and makes it easier for the user to contact someone from the company.Facebook Messenger LekueThese are the best ways to launch a conversational marketing strategy . It is important to keep in mind that all the interactions that we generate through conversational marketing allow us to obtain very valuable information about customers.Therefore, having a database is essential to store, order and use them to offer the customer a better shopping experience.

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Advantages of conversational marketing
Now that we are clear about what conversational marketing is and how it can be carried out, what advantages can it bring you as a company? We can highlight seven strong points:Immediacy : conversational marketing stands out for being faster when answering a user’s query, since it is not necessary to fill out a form or send an email.Closeness : we offer a better user experience through a more fluid, direct and natural interaction. Even using bots, these can be real wonders when it comes to solving doubts or maintaining a conversation at a level of closeness as with a natural person.Trust : people need to answer questions and ask about the products or services they want to consume. Being able to do it quickly by generating conversations increases your confidence.
Better results : if we accompany the user from the beginning of the purchase process, helping to eliminate the pains that may appear and increasing their confidence, we can take them faster to the moment they execute the purchase.
Personalization : today more than ever it is essential to address each person taking into account their needs and preferences. Conversational marketing allows the person to ask specific questions about specific products or services and get responses tailored to them.
Complementary : if your company already has other methods to communicate with its customers, such as forms or a customer service email, these can be kept within our strategy by incorporating conversational marketing as part of our efforts to improve the user experience.
Brand image: in addition to offering a personalized customer experience, conversational marketing also allows us to show the character of the brand through witty or funny responses that accompany the positioning of the brand.
Here’s a HubSpot video about conversational marketing that you might find useful to complement this information.Why will it be a trend in 2020?
More and more companies are betting on conversational marketing, so much so that experts predict 2020 as the key year in which this technique will be a trend. The motives?Content Marketing. In 2019 content marketing was positioned as a technique to offer useful content to users and provide solutions to our buyer persona. In this sense, conversational marketing can offer content that helps to resolve a question that the customer has at a specific moment in the sales process, combining content marketing with personalization. By this we mean that conversational marketing will continue in the line of content marketing, always betting on giving the best possible content to buyer persona in the most personalized and close way possible.Mindful marketing. It is very common for companies to repeat phrases such as “the customer comes first” or “the customer is right”, however, few integrate it into their strategy. For this reason, mindful marketing proposes to humanize the marketing efforts of the brand by being aware of the different marketing initiatives and messages that are carried out. It is about focusing on values ​​and people rather than products and consumers. Due to the nature of conversational marketing, the closeness and connection established with the customer reinforces the idea that the customer comes first.
Customer experience (CX). Currently, customers have all the information they need about any product or service at their fingertips, so companies are no longer information providers. This is why the experience you offer the customer becomes the added value when making a purchase. In 2020, brands must aspire to understand the experiences of their customers, be able to design a customer journey adapted to them and have systems so that a conversation can be generated at any time. By implementing conversational marketing we can improve the customer’s shopping experience by offering personalized attention and thus generating added value.
Artificial intelligence (AI). The use of AI in marketing has favored the personalization and automation of many processes, allowing optimization of resources and improving the customer experience. In 2020, personalization will be a priority for brands in order to meet customer expectations. As we have seen previously, the use of chatbots, together with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), allows us to store customer information and use it to fully adapt each communication.
In short, including conversational marketing in your marketing strategy will allow you to group multiple techniques that significantly improve the shopping experience and help meet customer expectations.

Through personalization and proximity you will increase their confidence while you will be able to accompany them throughout the purchase process. Therefore, conversational marketing is a clear win-win, both for the company and for the customer.

And you, are you already implementing it in your company? Let me know in the comment section!

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