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Content planning and management


Content planning and management

Although content is becoming increasingly important, for it to be successful we must know what, where, when and why to publish.
Many times we hear the phrase “content is king”, but few are aware of the exact reasons behind that statement. What should we consider? What content am I going to talk about, how often, where to publish it, why…? Next, Professor Albert García Pujadas explains the most relevant purchase phone number lists of the planning and content management sessions that will help answer some of the most important questions on the subject: “It is surprising that content is usually so unimportant in terms of organization and in terms of professional profiles, when in reality all brands end up generating it. And also, depending on which industry and which product category they are even more important. So, even if you are a start-up with few resources, one of the few things you are going to do is sure to be contained ”, says the professor. 1But the contents cannot be made like this “to soon”, improvising; there must be a target behind them. Before starting to make content “like crazy”, first you have to be clear about your brand, what the user’s insights really are and what your bet is.



A category where I can write a lot of content because there are a lot of things to write about is usually a category that is super competitive or has very determined specialists. Not due to the fact that they are highly visited or highly consumed content, do we have to get into that mess; in any case, you have to find your spacefinding that point of balance between content that interests the user but that is sufficiently niche, specialized or differentiating so that (even if you are not alone) you compete with certain guarantees of equal conditions. Do not face talking about soccer because you are going to fail systematically; or do not talk about beauty in open or general terms because you know that there are many publications and also a lot of brands that Betting Email List content about beauty. So, you have to be very careful where to focus your efforts because in the end you can’t make content about everything.3 Once you have decided what type of content you want to develop, you have to produce it, not a day or two, but with a certain frequency and a certain update . And that requires dedication and resources. And what a priori seemed to be cheap because I did it myself, now it turns out that it enslaves me or costs me money because I will have to outsource someone to generate the content for me. With which, he remedy ends up being more expensive than the disease.4 We talk about brand territory as the beginning of everything. You have to make an effort and see if the keywords or those contents are really being searched on the net or are they concepts that you are going to create but do not exist yet. You have to be realistic with that because if you are going to bet on a specific territory and there are no searches on that, it means that you will have to spread the word. I’m not saying you can’t get it, but it means you’re going to have to artificially push it so people end up looking for it. You have to be aware of it.albert25 Depending on the territory where you want to be and depending on the audience you have, you should choose which points of contact you are going to establish. The problem is that the usual tendency is to first open profiles on platforms and then we will really see what I contribute to each of them. I open a blog, I open a site, I open profiles here, profiles there, I also open a YouTube channel, I open Pinterest, I open Instagram and so on, and then I am unable to generate content for all of them. So my recommendation clearly: sometimes less is more . Fewer windows but that are really powerful and have the capacity to generate quality content and update it. Therefore, better little and very clearly select the presence model, where we want to be and how we want to be: you as an active brand or how you are going to provide capabilities for users to generate content of interest to your community. And then, not only do you have to have those points of contact and generate content, but you also have to know how to push it. Because sometimes you don’t have enough community and you have to move, push and promote the content. Especially if it is of quality and significant.7It should be noted that content is critical for organic positioning because it is becoming more and more important. Google increasingly puts more intelligence to search algorithms and increasingly rewards and better positions quality content . To the point that Google can already distinguish between a good or bad written content, a content with spelling mistakes or without; positions video better than plain text. And what does that mean? That Google is not going to quantity but increasingly to quality. And when it detects that a content is duplicated in different sites, it bans and it can harm you a lot.8 Finally, the issue of metrics must be taken into account, considering what exactly (recording visits, increasing the time of visits, generating more frequency and more engagement, to prescribe a specific product, to improve its use, to improve its consumption , …) and that must be measured . In addition, the budget is very important since everything is subject to that, you have to make a forecast of the production plan not only of the content but of how much all that is going to cost me. ” Therefore, the production of quality content within the brand territory where I want to position myself will be an increasingly evident critical point in digital marketing strategies . Drawing4 Many thanks to Albert García Pujadas for his

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