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Content marketing in social networks… can it be done?


Content marketing in social networks… can it be done?

Social media marketing, content El Salvador Phone Number List , digital marketing… There are so many terms that sometimes they actually overlap; That is why it is worth asking, is it possible to do content marketing on social networks? We are going to answer it and also with clear examples.

Content is king. We’ve heard it over and over again, however the pervasiveness of it can cause some confusion. So terms should be clarified.

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What is content?
Content is all information placed on the web and that can be consumed by a user; It can have multiple formats: text, images, video, audio, and therefore, different pieces such as articles, e-books, photographs, memes, gifs, animations, videos, podcasts, webinars, Clubhouse broadcasts , tweets, stories and a long etcetera.

Content formats
What is content Betting Email List ?
Content Marketing is a marketing technique consisting of creating relevant, constant and consistent content for a target audience in order to attract them to our site (ideally) to turn them into a lead, client and finally a recommender of our brand.

EAE Business School, for example, has this content site where it publishes articles focused on potential clients to study their different master’s degrees, especially in business.

The objective, as we pointed out, is that this type of user reaches the site and by leaving their data in one of the forms (they have several free guides that only ask for the user’s email to be downloaded). Once with the email, the school can follow up on each lead. This is a classic example of content marketing.

Content marketing example
What is content on social networks?
In social networks, brands can publish different types of content that is focused on many objectives, such as awareness or notoriety, reputation, traffic or even sales. After all, 9 out of 10 internet users make use of the networks.

The organic life of content on social networks is very short, although it can be extended by paying for it.

The formats that can be used in social networks are numerous and therefore, the engagement (interactions) that could be achieved seems to be very high … However, it should be noted that most of the pieces do not achieve this and therefore paying becomes essential. Only on Facebook, statistically, organic engagement does not even reach .1% on average.

content marketing in social networks – Engagement in Facebook 2021
So … can you do content marketing on social media?
As you can see, these are two completely different things. The answer therefore would be no. And this is so for several reasons:

Social networks are not the property of brands. The sites do. Any day, your account on any network can be closed and there is NOTHING you can do. Content marketing is done on your property… not on rented land.
Converting a user into a lead (obtaining their data) happens naturally on a site, but in social networks you pay for forms. We have no other way to collect data. Followers are NOT leads.
Once data has been collected on a site and therefore there is a base of leads, they can be contacted by e-mail and marketing automation with tools such as Doppler . In social networks, it does not matter if we have a hundred thousand followers, we cannot contact them directly; the list is from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… it belongs to them, not to us.
The content on the site is perennial and continues to appear in Google even months or years later, so it can generate leads or customers, even after a long time. In social networks, it simply goes into oblivion in hours.
The organic reach of social media is minimal. It does not even reach 5% of your followers. That is, for every 100 followers, not even 5 will see what you post, on average. In contrast to having a database to contact by mail with updates, or even through messaging channels like Telegram .
Is YouTube an exception? almost But no
Some will surely think that YouTube is an exception because in this channel it is possible to create periodic content focused on attracting an audience and this can subscribe to our content even on the same network.

True, but …

Not all the people who decide to subscribe to a YouTube channel necessarily receive the notices about new videos. They themselves can configure not to do it or even YouTube can fail to notify, as we see in the following video. And finally, even though we have subscribers, we cannot contact them other than by making another video.

As you can see, not all content is content marketing … and therefore we could not say that we do content marketing on social networks.

But if we can’t do content marketing on social media, can’t they work together?

Content marketing strategy supported with social networks
The fact that content marketing cannot be done on social networks does not mean that they do not contribute to the strategy; in fact they are fundamental.

When social media works in conjunction with a content marketing strategy, its function is very useful.

Examples of content marketing supported by social media
Content that creates content
The contents that are developed on the site can be divided into different data, which can give rise to numerals, infographics or gifs that in turn can be distributed on social networks, reinforcing the topic and the target group we want to reach. Let’s see it with an example.

This Nestlé article lives on your site …

Can you do content marketing on social media?
But this small video was generated from it, which was distributed on social networks …

Social networks as traffic drivers
Social media are also great channels for distributing content. If we are going to do it organically, the groups usually continue to function well; But in any case, it is convenient to make an economic investment in order to achieve better performance.

Facebook allows within its objectives, to target for traffic generation.

Goals of Facebook Ads
Social networks as reinforcers in lead or customer strategy
Likewise, social networks are also extraordinary tools to disseminate special content and send traffic to landing pages directly that serve to capture leads or close sales.

In this example, Harvard Business Review , which has an extraordinary content site focused on management , promotes through social media, subscription to the magazine and premium content.

And when we click on the link, we see that it leads us to the landing page for it.

These are just some examples of how content on social networks should be done with strategy and not just working in silos.

Do you have other examples of how networks are supporting a content marketing strategy? Would you like to learn how to do it for your brand?

If you want to keep up to date with articles like this one, which explain in detail how to create and communicate brands that inspire your audiences and develop better connections and conversions, you can receive the content delivered to your email door .

And if you need content creation services , training in digital marketing or reputation marketing , or advice for your business, give us a shout. We love hearing from you.

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