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Content created by the competition… the best content?


Content created by the competition… the best content?

Forget the video … content created by the competition is what it is today
What will you find in this content?Content created by the competition
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Stakeholder Marketing
What is the best content? If you are thinking of a theme or format, forget it. The best content is user-generated. The reasons are simple: the brand has practically nothing to do, the fans do the work, which also tends to go viral and brings a ton of engagement.Of course, developing a good initiative for the user to generate the content is not easy. In a good example, Starbucks long ago invited its followers on Instagram to submit their best photos with their products, promising to publish the most prominent ones. The result was that they were overflowing with user-created content.

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Content created by the competition
The question I would like to ask today is… what about content created by the competition? What’s more … what about content created by the competition that also increases the brand’s reputation and generates emotional ties with the audience … even with those who are not fans?Inexperienced marketers and communicators push the brand’s products, pretending that showing them over and over will lead to more customers and sales. It’s stupid. That worked years ago, when consumer options were few and far between and the reach-frequency formula was used. Today is different, and you have to create emotional ties.An example of understanding Betting Email List TODAY
An extraordinary example of how marketing works today is what Burger King does. The brand understands the circumstance that is being experienced, and although the pandemic is undoubtedly a global tragedy, there are those who are capable of taking opportunities out of holes like this.His latest action is spectacular. The brand gave up its Instagram for other food businesses to advertise on it. Yes … as you read it. They invited independent food businesses, which in any case come to be their competition, to advertise there. Why?Because they point out that the moment is difficult for the entire restaurant industry and they want to be part of the solution, especially for local businesses. This is the statement they published on social networks where they invited local businesses to take advantage of the opportunity.And of course, small businesses raised their hands …

Stakeholder Marketing
What does Burger King gain from this execution? A lot. It is not an action intended to have sales … it is an action focused on positively impacting various audiences: followers of the brand on social networks, followers of the invited brands, the media, customers and even society in general. This is what is known as stakeholder marketing … or marketing focused on the different interest groups of the brand.Let’s analyze the above talking about the benefits in each of the groups mentioned.Brand Followers
To begin with, they develop emotional ties with their followers on social networks, who after seeing this action are sure to reinforce their loyalty to the hamburger, recognizing it as a brand not only interested in selling, but also pushing things forward. This is how consumers fall in love with your brands .

Followers of other brands
The same happens with the followers on social networks of the other brands, who will obviously notice the fact and therefore will also develop that link with the hamburger who is also likely to decide to follow on their social networks. EngagementWhile improving its brand perception, Burger King also grows its engagement on social media . Just the post we use as a sample announcing a tortería, it earned more than 800 likes.Society in general and publicity Additionally, the brand gains the appreciation of other groups in society in general, who find out about the execution, either through word of mouth or because they find out about the action in other media, such as Forbes, which published the news on its website. … Which in turn is an additional benefit: publicity.Reputation marketing Plus, of course, with all of this, brand reputation soars, placing it among those who have executed exemplary actions in the toughest year in decades, so it’s also a shining display of reputation marketing .And for those who do not consider that local businesses are competition for Burger King, it should be said that the brand had already done the same at the beginning of November, inviting to consume from McDonald’s.This is thinking strategically during the pandemic and not just announcements and funnels. This is marketing… it would not shred.If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail how to create and communicate brands that inspire your audiences and develop better connections, you can receive the content delivered to your email door .And if you need training in digital marketing or one in reputation , or advice for your business, give us a shout. We love hearing from you.

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