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Consumers willing to spend more on efficient brands on social media


Consumers willing to spend more on efficient brands on social media

Social networks have become one of the favorite ways for consumers to solve their problems with companies. The reason for this ever closer relationship lies in the benefits that these tools bring to consumers. For starters, your complaints and questions can be raised immediately and without having to go through one of the elements that consumers hate and hate the most, customer service phones. On the other hand, not only is it fast to issue complaints and questions, getting the answers usually is too. And finally, they have created a new level of pressure. Brands tend to be especially efficient when interacting with consumers on social networks because they know that everyone is watching what is happening and that, therefore, they have to be effective because the impact that this transaction will have on mobile phone number search canada will not be alone. in the consumer with whom they are interacting directly but with everyone else who can see that message. For brands this has created a new and problematic scenario. Now they have to always be aware of what happens on social networks and they have to be very quick when handling these complaints, which has created a new source of tension that they did not have before. On the other hand, companies have not managed to fully and completely understand the potential of social networks and the power they have and there are still firms that remain outside this scenario or that are not fast and efficient when it comes to managing these complaints and doubts in the social media universe.



And yet, providing good customer service on social media has direct effects on the perception that consumers have of the brand and on how they will behave in relation to it. It is not only about achieving engagement on social networks or accumulating followers, but also what is done on social networks has an impact that goes far beyond that environment. It is a scenario that affects the perception of the brand outside of social networks and even the purchase intention.Because brands that offer good customer service on social networks achieve that the perception of consumers is much more positive and, even, that they are much more willing to spend more money on their products. Consumers invest more in those brands that are social media friendly, or at least are much more willing to increase their spending margin.his has just been shown by a study by Twitter and Applied Betting Email List Science, which have taken airlines as study material to determine how a good response on social networks helps boost business figures. Airlines are one of the sectors that accumulate more complaints from users and that have to face a more hostile environment. In addition, they are one of the market niches in which there is a greater pressure in terms of prices. Consumers are always looking for the cheapest flight.Would pay more for thingsHow do things change social networks? The study has analyzed how the perception of the brand varied between those users who tweeted with a complaint, a question or a request to an airline and received a response and those who did not.Those who did get a response were much more satisfied with their experience with the brand and are much more likely to recommend the airline to other consumers. But that is not the only conclusion the study draws and it is not the only effect: those who receive good customer service through Twitter are much morewilln o spend more on the company’s products.The average, according to the study, is $ 8.98. That is what they would be willing to pay more to fly with that airline compared to the tickets of their competitors. The figure may seem discreet, but it is quite high in a market where you fight penny for penny. In addition, the answered tweets are the third issue that would push consumers to pay more, only behind having WiFi for 24 hours and having priority boarding. The figures can also be improved, because consumers value speed above all else. If brands respond in less than 6 minutes, consumers go up to $ 20 on average what they would be willing to overpay on a future bill. ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing
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