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Consumers expect to receive the same treatment regardless of the channel chosen to interact with a brand


Consumers expect to receive the same treatment regardless of the channel chosen to interact with a brand

The meeting points between the consumer and a brand have multiplied in recent years, with the emergence of the Internet first and smartphones later. If until very recently the only communication channels were the store, customer service, and the telephone, today they are almost innumerable. And it is that throughout the purchase process (before, during and after the purchase itself) we can interact on the web, the points of sale, the store or office, the call center, email, the online help center, social networks … A multitude of channels and devices that must provide a coherent and cohesive experience. Or so consumers hope, as reflected in a new infographic from The New Jersey Institute of Technology ( NJIT ). A vast 90% of consumers expect to receive the same chinese mobile number regardless of the channel chosen to interact with a brand, be it online or offline. In addition, the demands are higher among the youngest. 58% of millennials expect to be able to communicate with a company through any channel they choose, and 60% expect the experience to be consistent across different channels and devices. It is not surprising if we consider that young people are the ones who use a greater number of different devices in their purchases, and in fact, 67% use at least two on a daily basis. The importance of content


If content has become king, it is for a reason. And also, it plays an essential role when interacting with a brand through digital channels. In fact, the authenticity of the content is the factor that has the greatest influence when it comes to following a brand on social networks (for 80% of consumers). And in fact, trust in the content of a brand is three times more important for consumers, when making a purchase, than trust in the employees of that brand. In addition, 83% affirm that the type of content affects their perception of the credibility of the information. Social networks, an essential channel for branding 8 out of 10 buyers are more likely to look for products from the brands they already follow on social networks, a compelling reason to join the different platforms and offer customers varied contact channels. And which social network is more important? It Betting Email List on what for. If what you want is to reach as many people as possible, Facebook is undoubtedly the best option, with its 900 million monthly visitors. The bad thing is that the organic publications of the brands have not stopped losing their reach in recent years: if in 2013 they reached 12% of fans, now the percentage does not reach 6%. Of course, the ads are quite effective, especially those that are endorsed by a friend (those that include the message “your friend likes such a page”). Twitter has fewer users: 310 million per month, on the other hand, the reach of organic brand publications is somewhat greater, around 10% of followers. Linkedin, Google+ or Instagram have fewer followers, but we must take into account the rapid growth that the latter is experiencing, whose engagement per post also increased 416% in just two years. Increase brand awareness using the various contact channls The infographic gives some keys to increase brand awareness in the digital age, taking advantage of the potential of the differnt tools, before, during and after the purchase process. Thus, social media, advertisements, reviews, ratings, testimonials and public relations would be very useful tools during the first phase. For the purchase itself, it would be necessary to take care of the web, the promotions, the commercials and physical points of sale, the catalogs or the telephone calls. And after the sale, email marketing, or online customer service, takes center stage. With so many touch points, it can be challenging for companies to identify them all, take advantage of them, and deliver a cohesive experience, but that is what customers expect, and offering it can be the touchstone to differentiate themselves from other brands and build the better picture.


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